Meet Chris Meloni’s Terrifying Authority in New ‘True Blood’ Trailer

by | May 14, 2012 at 11:27 AM | True Blood

Chris Meloni on True Blood (HBO)

HBO has just released a new semi-spoilerrific trailer for the June 10 Season 5 premiere of “True Blood.” In no particular order, here are five things in the teaser that will get to get your blood pumping for the show’s return:

1) Team Beric! Bill Compton and Eric Northman forming an alliance to fight Russell Edgington? Say it ain’t so.
2) Resurrected Big Bad. See above nemesis of Team Beric.
3) A Different Detective. Chris Meloni of “SVU” fame as Roman, the terrifying stone-faced leader of The Authority.
4) Sookie + Alcide Together? Either that or she just really enjoys sitting in his lap.
5) Reverand Newlin, My How You Have Changed.

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#Waitingsucks is right! The Season 5 premiere of “True Blood” airs Sunday, June 10 on HBO.