‘Today’: Matt Lauer Is Embarrassed to Interview Mama Kardashian

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Sometimes Matt Lauer can’t believe the things he has to do on “The Today Show” (for which, we might add, he makes millions).

Take Wednesday morning’s chat with Kardashian “mom-ager” Kris Jenner, who was up bright and early to promote the new season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which premieres Sunday on E!.

The fluffy interview was clearly beneath newsman Lauer’s standards, but darn it, Ann Curry is in the South of France fawning over celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival, and so Matt was stuck asking about the Kardashians’ love lives, Khloe’s true paternity, and Kris’s plastic surgery rumors.

“I can’t believe I’m asking these things,” Lauer said laughing at himself. “I’m gonna be so proud of this interview,” he said later on. He didn’t stop there, also adding: “This is a resume tape waiting to happen.”

He then asked how “Kimye” was doing. (Referring to Kim and Kanye’s new relationship.)

If we were Kris Jenner, we might be insulted, but Jenner just smiled and took it in stride, joking that this was his “golden moment.” Besides, what does she care? She probably makes even more millions than Lauer!

Watch Matt Lauer Disappoint Himself in the Clip Above.

Preview: New Season, New Drama on “The Kardashians” (we bet Matt secretly will be watching!):

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Keeping-Up-With-the-Kardashians/98654/2222312504/Keeping-Up-With-the-Kardashians-7/embed 580 476]

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