‘Celebrity Apprentice’: We Have a Winner

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Donald Trump weeded through 18 celebrities and innumerable meltdowns this season before choosing his new “Celebrity Apprentice” on Sunday night’s live season finale.

In the end, it was a battle of the “No. 2’s” as the Final Two players — Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall — pleaded their cases to Mr. Trump, both wanting to win as vindication for their reps as second best. Aiken said he was done with being known as an “American Idol” runner-up (he famously lost to what’s-his-name Ruben Studdard in 2003), while Arsenio claimed his long-ago late-night show was always second behind “The Tonight Show.”

For their final task, Clay and Arsenio had to throw a charity fundraiser. Arsenio’s comedy show raised $167,100 for his charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation. Clay staged a mini-concert that raised $301,500 for the charity he founded, the National Inclusion Project, a foundation for children with disabilities. The winner also got $250,000 for their charity, on top of the totals previously earned this season.

Clay clearly trumped Arsenio in the fundraising aspect, nearly doubling Arsenio’s haul, and if you watched their charity events (clips below), Aiken’s music acts outperformed the comedians stand-up acts.

“It’s a very tough decision … I’ve never been so torn,” Trump said before he revealed the winner to be … Arsenio Hall. Go figure. Watch the Reactions in the Clip Above.

Arsenio is already planning to use his new “Apprentice” title to stage a Hollywood comeback, teasing plans for a new late-night show. Stay tuned.

Watch Clay and Arsenio’s Presentations Below: Who Do You Think Deserved to Win?

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