Kate Gosselin: ‘Fans Are Begging’ Us to Come Back to TV

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Kate Gosselin was on “The Today Show” Monday morning, where the former reality star gave an update on her family since their TLC show ended last September.

Now described as a “Mommy Blogger,” Gosselin can be found offering tips on cost-cutting, recycling and “teaching kids the value of a dollar” on the website couponcabin.com, because as the mother of eight, she’s learned “millions of ways to save.”

“It’s really fun to save money!” Kate told Ann Curry.

Sounding like a broken record, she also reiterated her previous statements that the kids “honestly miss filming.” And, “they miss the crew.” So they (not the aforementioned mommy blogger) want another TV show.

Even though their TLC contract is over, Gosselin says they’re “hoping to move forward” and do a new reality show at some point.

Because “fans are begging” for it, according to Kate.

Until a new show magically materializes, Kate’s blogging away, compiling recipes (for a new book?), running her next marathon and making up with her ex. Wait, what???

Yes, it’s true — sort of. Mama Gosselin, who has until now never made a TV appearance in which she didn’t take a jab in some way at ex-husband Jon Gosselin, actually gave the man a compliment this morning.

The divorced couple’s relationship is “more peaceful than it’s ever been,” Kate says. “He’s been really positive and more available and it’s just less stressful.”

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