Mitch Glazer’s ‘Magic City’ Guide: Episode 7 – Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kelly Lynch Make Midnight Magic

Kelly Lynch in Magic City (Starz)

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For the seventh episode episode (“Who’s the Horse and Who’s the Rider?”), Glazer discusses the energy exchange between Meg (his wife of twenty years, Kelly Lynch) and Ike (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as the latter attempts to make a last-minute plea for cash.

Mitch Glazer: When I grew up in Miami Beach in the ’50s and ’60s there were still “restricted” private clubs, residential islands and golf courses where no Jews were allowed. This was the old Miami WASP aristocracy. The world of Meg Bannock. Like Meg, these Miami Beach WASP families lived in a private neighborhood called “Indian Creek”. We actually use one of those beautiful, 1930s Indian Creekmansions as our location for Meg’s home (as well as for the restricted, WASP members-only Bath Club). Meg Bannock is played with strength, heart and vulnerability by my favorite actor, and wife of twenty years, Kelly Lynch. Through Kelly’s talent we see the cracks in Meg’s pure-bred reserve, the longing and hurt and her hope for more. As always, Kelly makes me look good. And I love the chemistry (purely onscreen, I hope) between Jeff Morgan and Kelly. That is something you write for, pray for but simply cannot force or control. The scene in which Ike shows up in a midnight plea for Meg’s hundred thousand dollars is one of my Episode 7 favorites. The set was completely silent after every take. It was real. You could feel the life-or-death stakes, the desperation and fear. Two great actors connecting. I think every Ike/Meg scene buzzes with the energy and uncertainty of real life. What a gift.

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