Watch: Jerry Seinfeld Reveals His Least-Favorite ‘Seinfeld’ Episode

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Bravo talk-show host Andy Cohen gave Jerry Seinfeld the opportunity to “Plead the Fifth,” but Jerry answered Cohen’s question on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

The question: Which episode of “Seinfeld” is Jerry’s least favorite?

The answer (as you’ll see if you watch the clip, above): The episode in which “a character had a stroke and we were feeding him on the couch. I felt very uncomfortable with that episode,” Jerry said. The episode he named was titled “The Alternate Side,” a reference to New York City’s “alternate side of the street” parking regulations under which city residents are required to move their cars from one side of the street to the other side to facilitate street cleaning. In the episode, George got a job moving people’s cars for them on street cleaning days.

But also in the episode, which premiered in December 1991, Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) dated a 66-year-old man with whom she wished to break up. But he had a stroke, which put her break-up plans on hold.

In the above clip, Jerry also made an observation about actresses and bad breath that only a show business insider like himself could make.

In another part of their interview, Cohen took a call from a viewer who asked Jerry to comment on “the ‘Seinfeld’ curse,” the so-called hex that seemed to burden the stars of “Seinfeld” in the years following the sitcom’s final episode in 1998. At least two of them — Michael Richards (Kramer) and Jason Alexander (George) — quickly failed when they tried sitcoms of their own.

The caller asked if Jerry thought the curse was over, now that Julia is starring as the Vice President of the United States in the HBO comedy series “Veep.”

“Let me say this about the ‘Seinfeld’ curse,” Jerry said. “I like anything named after me!”

Hear what else he said about the “Seinfeld” curse here:
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