‘RHOOC’: Tamra Barney Tells Alexis Bellino She’s ‘Extremely Shallow’

Tamra Barney on The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo)

Leave it to Tamra Barney to keep things real. On last night’s “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Alexis Bellino invites Tamra to a restaurant to hash things out in the hopes that they won’t make a disaster out of their upcoming Costa Rica trip with the rest of the ladies.

But whatever reconciliation Alexis had hoped for was dashed the moment she laid eyes on Tamra’s sharp flaring nostrils.

“Why would you trust a girl with t*ts bigger than her head?” Tamra rhetorically asks the camera.

With her pride so suffocating that her sinuses get clogged again, Alexis approaches her frenemyship in the wisest and smartest way she knows how: by being sarcastic, defending her latest insecurities (i.e. her schnoz job), and saying Tam-Tam was rude and disrespectful for laughing about it at the Bunco party. (I swear if I hear the word “Bunco” one more time, I’m gonna go Bunco.)

Watch some of the disaster unfold right here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County/94805/2235633180/Shallow-and-Image-Obsessed/embed 580 476]

But just because Alexis has the perplexing gift of speaking as fast as Speedy Gonzalez yet manages to say things as nonsensical as Rain Man at the same time, Tamra isn’t fooled: The newly confident, smaller breasted Housewife quietly stares at Alexis as if she were looking at a stubborn callus on her crooked pinky toe.

“Bottom line: We don’t have anything in common,” she tells Alexis simply.

Agitated that she’s not getting the reaction she wants, Alexis tries another approach—this time she tells Tamra to stop saying she’s “stupid” and a “gold digger” behind her back.

“Just be real with me,” Alexis adds, thinking she got her.

And so the realness begins….

“I think you’re an extremely shallow person,” begins Tamra. “I think you worry about things you don’t have to worry about. You’re so worried about your image, and you talk about money as if you’re sh*tting money out of your a*s.” (Plop. Plop.)

Well, since they got all that neatly resolved, sounds like it’ll be good times in Costa Rica!

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