‘Idol’ Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez: I Knew Phillip Phillips Would Win

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol (FOX)

Going into Wednesday’s two-hour season finale, Jessica Sanchez was certain she would lose “American Idol” to Phillip Phillips. “I believed that Phillip was going to win,” Jessica told reporters on Thursday. “Not because I don’t think I’m good, but he has such a big fan base…He’s really an artist. He sang so many different songs, but every song he sang, he sounds like Phillip.”

Jessica had a powerful season on “American Idol,” but the 16-year-old with the giant voice did have a couple of missteps that could have cost her the title, the biggest one being the song she chose as her possible winning single, “Change Nothing,” which was universally reviled by the judges and Jessica herself.

“I had like a day to pick and they didn’t give us many choices,” Jessica explained. “And even that, I had to make little adjustments to.”

She said the competition was hardest for her when she was told what she had to sing, but admits that some of her choices weren’t always going to appeal to fans. Leading up to the week where she was nearly booted off the show, if not for the judges’ save, she says she might have been trying too hard to impress the audience. “I think I was pushing too hard,” Jessica said. “I wasn’t feeling my songs, I was just trying to prove something.”

Another faux pas was selecting the too-tight dress she wore for “Proud Mary.” Jessica said she loved the dress, and always had say in what she wore. But “I think after watching back, it was a little too much,” she admitted. “My hair was big, it was tight, I was dancing.”

Dancing is one area where the wunderkind admits she could use a little help. “I’m really trying to work on that right now. We’ll see what happens.”

Despite all of that, however, Jessica says she wouldn’t change a thing about her run on “Idol.” “I have no regrets at all,” she said. “I made the top two. Not a lot of people can say that.”

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