‘America’s Got Talent’ Gets on Board with ‘Love Boat’ Singer

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America’s Got Talent” headed south for the Tampa auditions on Monday’s show, where one of the bright spots was a TV-loving singer.

After falling asleep in the waiting area, 49-year-old Ulysses woke up just in time to take his shot on the “AGT” stage. With a poofy gray afro and wearing an ugly brown sweater, which he called his “good luck sweater” (despite the fact the they were in Florida), Ulysses looked like he was going to give us either a Roseanne Barr-National Anthem moment or a Susan Boyle-sings-like-an-angel moment.

What we got was somewhere in between. With a silky smooth voice that was totally in-tune, Ulysses began to croon… “Love, exciting and new… Come Aboard. We’re expecting youuuu.” Yes, it was ‘The Love Boat’ theme song and it turned into a big old sing-along as the crowd chimed in and really got into it. Watch the Clip Above for the Unexpected Show Tune.

While they were entertained, the judges tested his melody mettle and shouted out some other TV shows, seeing if he could perform theme songs on demand. Ulysses didn’t miss a beat, belting out “Green Acres” and “The Addams Family.”

Despite grooving in his seat, Howard “X’d” him out, but Sharon and Howie loved the TV theme-song singer and decided to ship him off to Vegas for the next round.

Looks like there’s something to that lucky sweater.

Another Tampa act that brought out the warm and fuzzies was “The Distinguished Men of Brass,” a group of unemployed men who united in their free time to create a fun, hip choreographed brass band that Sharon “absolutely adored.” Check Them Out Below.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/America-s-Got-Talent/2116/2240165523/Distinguished-Men-of-Brass/embed 580 476]

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