Watch: Jon Stewart Defies NY Mayor’s Proposed Big-Drink Ban

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New York City resident Jon Stewart took on a local issue on his national Comedy Central show Thursday night — Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to ban soft drinks over 16 ounces.

It’s all part of Mayor Mike’s battle for public health, and he’s proposing that New York City restaurants and delis be banned from selling the big drinks in order to fight obesity. The story has made the national newscasts, but for Stewart and others who live in New York (such as your humble correspondent), the proposed big-drink ban feels like an example of government overreach.

Stewart said as much when he ranted about the ban in the opening segment of “The Daily Show” on Thursday (as you can see in the video, above).

“I love this idea,” Stewart said sarcastically, as he nursed an over-sized drink that looked to be about 64 ounces. “It combines the draconian government overreach people love with the probable lack of results they expect!”

And he took direct aim at the mayor too — blasting him for other moves he’s made while in office, such as getting the law changed that allowed him to run successfully for a third term, and transforming some of Manhattan’s busiest roadways into pedestrian malls, such as the section of Seventh Avenue that slices through Times Square.

“What are you doing?” Stewart asked in an exasperated tone. “We already let you make up a third term as mayor, put cameras on every intersection and, for some reason, picnic tables in the center of Seventh Avenue!”

“I am all for promoting public health,” Stewart said, “but, Mr. Mayor, this plan makes your asinine look big!”

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