Seth MacFarlane Explains Why ‘Family Guy’ Won’t Win an Emmy

Seth MacFarlane (Photo: Getty Images)

Fox cartoon creator Seth MacFarlane assessed his Emmy chances and talked about how long he’ll continue to produce “Family Guy” when he was interviewed Friday night on CNN.

His interviewer was comedian Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time” who was subbing for Piers Morgan on “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

The subject of the Emmys came up because this is the time of year when studios and networks are submitting their comedies, dramas, movies and miniseries for consideration by the TV Academy voters for the nominations that will be announced next month (with the Emmy telecast scheduled for September).

And the “Family Guy” submission package made headlines recently because of its provocative headline that addressed the TV Academy hierarchy as “Brentwood Jews” (Brentwood being one of the wealthy enclaves in and around Los Angeles that are populated by show business types). MacFarlane and his team meant the solicitation to be humorous, of course, but it wasn’t taken that way by those who received it (here’s a story on that from The Hollywood Reporter).

Watch the most recent episode of “Family Guy” right here:
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MacFarlane addressed the controversy, at least indirectly, when he and Maher talked about the Emmys. Here’s how that part of the conversation went:

“Our [Emmy] campaigns over the past couple of years have been — I kind of feel like our time to be nominated has passed. I don’t think we’re going to — the mailer that we sent out this year was pretty much — well, there it is right now,” MacFarlane said, as the mailer was shown on-screen.

“I don’t think we’re going to win based on that,” MacFarlane said. “I don’t think we’re going to get nominated. We just figure, you know, if we’re screwed anyway, we might as well make some noise, get some laughs, you know, make our presence known.”

MacFarlane — who also makes “The Cleveland Show” and “American Dad” for Fox — addressed rumors that he was planning on ending “Family Guy” soon. He said that’s not true.

” ‘Family Guy’ has been on what, 11 years?” Maher asked.

“Yes,” MacFarlane answered.

“You don’t want to wrap it up, do you?” Maher asked him. “You’ll do it as long as they’ll let you, won’t you?”

“I think at this point, yes,” MacFarlane replied. “There was a flap recently where I made some comment about, yes, you know, I think it might be time to wrap the show up, and I took some crap for it. But I don’t really — you know, I was musing. I don’t really think that that will be the — as long as people want to see it, we should keep making it.”

With Morgan on vacation this week, Maher was the fourth guest-host on “Piers Morgan Tonight” since the three-day Memorial Day weekend. The others were Regis Philbin with guest David Letterman (Tuesday), Donny Deutsch with guest Matt Lauer (Wednesday) and Harvey Weinstein with guest Bill Clinton (Thursday). We wrote about all of them.


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