‘Necessary Roughness’ Returns with T.K.’s Life on the Line

Mechad Brooks in Necessary Roughness (USA)

It’s life or death surgery for Terrence King (Mechad Brooks), who was shot twice by a crazy fan, when Season 2 of “Necessary Roughness” premieres on Wednesday, June 6 on USA Network.

And it is actually death — for 8 seconds — when T.K. codes and the doctors manage to restart his heart.

But the life after death experience changes T.K. who goes into seclusion for six weeks until Dani Santino (Callie Thorne), the shrink for New York Hawks, and team trainer Matthew Donnally (Marc Blucas) — and Dani’s new boyfriend — are asked to check on the missing wide receiver.

They find him in his posh apartment naked in a hot tub with his physical therapist, his spiritual advisor and some random hot woman he met in the elevator.

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While all looks like life as usual for T.K. — who now wants to be called K.T. — King Terrence — Dani knows he is in denial. K.T. talks some trash about how now that he has come back from the other side, where an angel collected all the garbage from his old life, he is a new man and is in tune with the universe.

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But before Dani can act on her suspicions about K.T. — hopefully, the new name won’t last for long — she gets sidetracked when she gets hit with an IRS bill for $87,000 because her ex filed a faulty return and they are being audited. When she protests, the tax man reminds her she married for better or worse — and this is the worse. It can’t happen at a worse time because the owners of the Hawks have filed for divorce and it looks like the affair may drag out as long as the real-life Los Angeles Dodgers proceedings, which means that there are major layoffs and Dani’s job is jeopardy.

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So Dani is off her game, but even so she knows that K.T. should not be allowed to make a public appearance when the team holds a fan night at the convention center — but she is overruled by the General Manager. Of course, she is right! K.T. does something so dangerous, even he can’t believe it.

In a parallel story, Dani’s son Ray (Patrick Johnson), who plays football for his high school, is developing the same attitude of entitlement as K.T. — and when his mother finds him in a compromising situation, he reacts similarly to K.T. and refuses to talk about it. Of course, Dani feels guilty, but, then again, she is hiding her sleepovers with Matthew from her kids.
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Despite all the drama, “Necessary Roughness,” which premieres its second season Wednesday, June 6 at 10/9c on USA Network, finds the funny moments and injects the levity at just the right moment to make this summer series fare worth tuning in to.

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