Casey Anthony Role Recast in TV Movie

Virginia Welch, Casey Anthony (Photo: Virginia Welch/Arc Talent Management/AP Photo)

Just one week into filming, the actress cast to play Casey Anthony in Lifetime’s “Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” has been replaced.

Holly Deveaux is out and Virginia Welch is in, taking over the role of the 26-year-old Florida mom notoriously acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

“Holly moved on and they recast the role,” a source close to the production tells People. “This is one of those decisions that happens all the time. Holly was good and very talented; it just didn’t work.”

Shooting began May 29 in Winnipeg for the TV movie that also stars Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) as the prosecutors, and Oscar Nunez (“The Office”) as Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez.


Lifetime has found their “Tot Mom.”

Relatively unknown Canadian actress Holly Deveaux, 19, has won the part of Casey Anthony</strong in the upcoming made-for-TV movie "Prosecuting Casey Anthony."

The Lifetime movie, which begins production next week and will air later this year, is based on prosecutor Jeff Ashton's book, Imperfect Justice.

As previously reported, Rob Lowe has been cast as Ashton, while “Lost” actress Elizabeth Mitchell will play his fellow prosecutor Linda Drake Burdick and “The Office’s” Oscar Nunez plays Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez.

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