Trubies, Meet the Newbies of ‘True Blood’ Season 5

Chris Meloni on True Blood (HBO)

The fifth season of “True Blood” (premiering Sunday, June 10 at 9/8c on HBO), will introduce numerous new characters. From sexy vampires to sexy fairies to sexy werewolves, the show is covering all its sexy bases. Will any of these newcomers break out like Joe Mangianello’s Alcide did in Season 2? Check out our guide and make your pick for outstanding rookie.

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Character: Rikki, a werewolf. “She’s extremely tough, the polar opposite of a damsel in distress,” Overton tells  “Season five starts out with Rikki pretty determined to find out what happened to the packmaster… My character is trying to stop the downfall of the pack and keep them together.”
Where You Have Seen Her Before:  As a guest star on numerous procedurals including “NCIS”, “In Plain Sight“, and “Psych.”
Why You Might Love Her: Who doesn’t love a strong, ass-kicking female character?
Why You Might Hate Her: Rikki’s loyalty to that dead jerk Marcus could spell trouble for Alcide.

Character: Roman, the 500 year-old head of the Authority. “Roman’s determined. He wants peace, but others have been trying to stomp out his path. Think Obama with very long incisors.” Meloni tells TV Guide. “”Elliot [from ‘SVU’] was free-form. Roman’s more thoughtful — yet unafraid to pull the trigger. He’s a man of action. Get the facts; get it done. But they both have a certainty of their view. They both think they’re right.”
Where You Have Seen Him Before: As Eliot on “Law & Order: SVU” and Keller on “Oz.” Duh.
Why You Might Love Him: It’s Chris Meloni playing the biggest, baddest vampire of them all. Plus, Meloni says, “My first day on set, I recited a prayer in Aramaic.” Chris Meloni will be even hotter speaking ancient, dead languages.
Why You Might Hate Him: You are the only person on earth who does not like Chris Meloni. Please seek help for this condition.

Watch an Incredibly Sinister Season 5 Trailer:

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Character: Salome, a member of the Authority. “She was inspired by the biblical Salome who was betrayed by her mother when she was a kid and slept with her uncle,” Cervi tells “A lot of her stuff is about standing up for your rights and if that means using your seductiveness to get what you want, then she’ll do it.” Her relationship with Roman, the head of the Authority is, “Very private, very personal.”
Where You Have Seen Her Before:  As Betha in the 2011 version of “Jane Eyre,” as well as a bunch of Italian films and television shows.
Why You Might Love Her: Her character has a high probability of getting Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) naked: “The guys are very different so she needs to use different tools with them.  She will do anything to get what she wants so why not [seduce them]?”
Why You Might Hate Her:  Because she’s an evil member of the Authority, and because characters who use their sexuality to get ahead can be really annoying.

Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard and Lucy Griffiths in True Blood (Lacey Terrell/HBO)

Character: Nora, Eric’s semi-sibling (both were sired by Godric.) Nora is going to play a big role in Pam’s flashbacks to how she met Eric in a San Francisco brothel during the 19th century. According to TVLine, Nora is “working as a double agent within the Authority” and is, “intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar.”
Where You Have Seen Her Before: As Maid Marian in the 2006-09 version of “Robin Hood” as well as some other British series.
Why You Might Love Her: She is taking the Authority down from within, and she loves Eric.
Why You Might Not Love Her: You are rooting for the Authority.

Character: Patrick, Terry’s platoon leader in Iraq, who briefly appeared in the Season 4 finale. Based on preview clips, Patrick has some weird issues surrounding fire, or perhaps just the fire in Terry and Arlene’s house.
Where You Have Seen Him Before: As Teddy’s doomed husband on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Noel on “Felicity.”
Why You Might Love Him: You rooted for Felicity and Noel.
Why You Might Hate Him: You rooted for Felicity and Ben.

Watch a Sneak Peek with Foley as Patrick:

[iframe—Terry-%26-Arlene/embed 580 476]

Character: Rosalyn Harris, a Chancellor of the Authority. She is “at least 1500 years old. After 100 I just stopped counting,” quips Hennesy. “She hails from Texas now and she’s a man’s woman in a man’s world.” Roman “relies on us for advice because we are the governing body for all vampires…  We’re like the Vatican to the Catholics.”
Where You Have Seen Her Before: Hennesy played Barb on “Cougar Town” and Diane on “General Hospital“.
Why You Might Love Her: Hennesy is known for her comic timing, so Rosalyn should be funny.
Why You Might Hate Her: Rosalyn is out to destroy Bill and Eric. “They’ve been incredibly bad boys and there are those on the Authority that want to see them punished severely and there are those that want to be lenient and see what they can do for us,” Hennesy says. “Rosalyn is deeply conservative, so Rosalyn is not happy with the boys.”

Jacob Hopkins in True Blood (John P. Johnson/HBO)

Character: Alexander, a pint sized member of the Authority. “Alexander is a really strongminded vampire and he’s really impetuous,” Hopkins tells “Let’s just say that he makes himself heard a lot. He’s pretty old. Looking like a kid has nothing to do with his importance.”
Where You Have Seen Him Before: Hopkins guest-starred as Billy on “How I Met Your Mother.”
Why You Might Love Him: Kirsten Dunst was great as a child vampire in “Interview With the Vampire.” Plus, this kid seems deliciously diabolical. Says Hopkins, “I’d like to kill them [Bill and Eric] because they killed our Nan. So I’d like to stake and just stab both of them. I’d like to torture one of them.”
Why You Might Hate Him: Remember how annoying powerful child vampire The Annoited One was on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer“?

Character: Claude, Sookie’s new fairy guide replacing the dead Claudine. “I play a mentor figure for Sookie that goes into what it means to her to be a fairy and where that leads as well, which is at least as important because she’s only recently discovered that she’s a fairy,” says Matthey, who cryptically adds that a lot of the fairies are concerned about Sookie’s emotional state.
Where You Have Seen Him Before: Matthey guest starred as Dick Anders on an episode of “The Good Wife.”
Why You Might Love Him: He is an adorable Brit who wants to help Sookie.
Why You Might Hate Him: He is a fairy. His name is Claude. His sisters are Claudine and Claudette.

Character: Claudette, a fairy. “I am the sister of Claudine. Claude is my brother. Sookie is my fairy,” notes Luddington.
Where You Have Seen Her Before: Luddington played Lizzie on “Californication” and Kate Middleton in the “William and Kate” TV Movie.
Why You Might Love Her: Quirky British fairies could be fun. The fairies are Sookie’s biggest advocates.
Why You Might Hate Her: So far, fairyland has been cheesy and the concept of a bunch of siblings whose names are all variations on Claude is a little too cute.

“True Blood” returns on Sunday, June 10 at 9/8c on HBO.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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