Watch: On ‘Fallon,’ Chris Rock Backs Obama, Criticizes Mormons

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Funnyman Chris Rock made it clear who he’s voting for in next fall’s presidential election — Barack Obama.

On NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Thursday, the comedian indicated that he thinks Republican Mitt Romney’s religion has a problem with African-Americans.

Romney, of course, is a Mormon, and Rock told Fallon that he read recently that, up until 1978, the Mormon church doctrine held that black people were “devils.” Rock then went on to riff comedically about the church policy, but it was clear he believed the doctrine to be true. (According to Wikipedia here, which has a very detailed entry about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its policies on African-Americans, church policies did prohibit blacks from the Mormon priesthood up until 1978. Chris Rock’s claim that the church believed blacks were devils is not mentioned in the Wikipedia article.)

Rock then went on defend the Obama administration’s management of the economy, claiming that the economy has grown every month since Obama’s been president, though not at the rate the president’s critics would like it to grow.

You can see Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon discuss politics and the economy in the clip from Part One of Rock’s appearance on “Late Night” (above).

In Part Two, Rock talked about the project he came on the show to promote: His voice role in “Madagascar 3.”

Watch the clip here:
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And the two comics played a round of hallway golf. Watch what happened, right here:
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Watch Full Episodes:
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