Deep Soap: Daytime Emmy Nominees Genie Francis, Heather Tom, Shelley Hennig & Sean Blakemore Tell All

Genie Francis (CBS)

The Daytime Emmys are just one week away. Thursday night, the Television Academy hosted a party honoring the nominees. Soap stars mingled with court show judges and animation voiceover actors. On the red carpet, stars shared how they chose the scenes for their nomination reels, their thoughts on the ceremony’s move to HLN and what’s next for their characters.

Genie Francis (Genevieve “The Young & the Restless,” Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress)

Genevieve is very different from roles you’ve played in the past. What does it mean to be recognized with an Emmy nomination for playing a villainess?
Obviously they must like me being naughty because it only took one ear for this character and it took 31 for Laura. I love this part. I love this show and I think that the writing they have done for me has been outstanding. I continue to enjoy every day I go to work.

How did you decide which scenes to submit for your nomination reel?
It had to fall within that calendar year and there was only one day that I felt was really outstanding. It was not hard at all. It was just me and Peter Bergman talking about my daughter who died.

Who will be Genevieve’s next love interest?
I have no idea. Today I worked with Stephen Nichols. He’s a delight and he was absolutely stunning. There’s such a plethora of talent on that show. It’s fun to just keep working with new people.

Watch the Latest Episode of “The Young & the Restless”:

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If it were up to you, who would you pick?
Jack. Jack is the man of her dreams who got away.

Genevieve has just hired Kevin to help her hide a lot of money. Where is that story headed?
It doesn’t go on very long. I don’t know where we are in story yet, but you’ll see.

Are we going to see more of Colin?
Yes, we are. Soon.

What will his relationship with Genevieve be like now that he’s spent time in prison?
I think it’s going to be very volatile. Remember, he did try to have me killed. So Genevieve should be shaking in her boots right now.

How do you feel about the Emmys moving back to Los Angeles?
I think everything has moved to Los Angeles because it’s cheaper here. The business is shrinking and they’re trying to do all this stuff on a budget. I think it’s great that we’re here and that we’re still alive.

There’s a new writer and a new executive producer at “General Hospital.” Anna’s back, Heather’s back. Is there any chance you would consider bringing Laura back?
Honestly, right now I can’t see why I would want to go back when going forward has proved to be so successful for me and I’m very happy. I don’t think about going back at all. I’m happy where I am.

Heather Tom (Katie “The Bold & the Beautiful” Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress)

You have the possibility of being the first person to win a Daytime Emmy in all three acting categories. What would that mean to you?
Oh gosh. I’m so grateful to be a part of this medium. I’m so grateful to have my job on B&B. This is a fun night, I think, for everyone to celebrate daytime television. If I win, great. If I don’t, I’ve lost a lot of times. I do that well, too. I’ll have a good time no matter what.

You’ve experienced that Daytime Emmys since it was a big, glamorous event in New York City. How do you feel about it being at the Beverly Hilton and airing on HLN?
I’m really glad they’re bringing it back to Los Angeles. I’m thrilled that HLN is broadcasting it. I think that’s awesome. I like the idea of having it be a little bit more relaxed like the Golden Globes and having everybody just let their hair down and have agood time and really celebrate what daytime is.

Have you thought about what you’ll say in your speech if you win?
No. I never do. Hopefully, I make it up there. And if I don’t, hopefully I have a smile on my face if I lose.

How did you pick the scenes for your reel?
I had a god year last year. The story that I did have was pretty hot and heavy there for a while and so I kind of wanted to hit the climax but at the same time I wanted to pick something that had a beginning, middle and end. I really feel like the hospital scenes after Katie has her almost heart attack had those elements, so that’s what I went with.

Now Katie has a high risk pregnancy. Where is that story headed?
I have no idea. I wish they would tell me, so I guess we’ll see.

Why do you think, after winning for the past three years, B&B wasn’t nominated for best show?
Maybe this year they felt like giving somebody else a turn. I don’t know. I think we had really great work last year. I think we were absolutely deserving. Hopefully we’ll just keep on doing what we’re doing and the show will get better and better and next year we’ll get a nomination.

Watch the Latest Episode of “The Bold & the Beautiful”:

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Shelley Hennig (ex-Stephanie “Days of Our Lives“, Nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress)

The second half of the season, “Secret Circle” was so strong creatively. How difficult was the cancellation?
We didn’t make the decision. We’re all still really good friends in real life and it was an amazing adventure.

Do you think having been on primetime for most of the year your chances of winning a daytime Emmy?
I don’t think so. I think if anything, it puts you outside. This year we were able to submit clips and I think I was nominated based on a clip I submitted.

Any thoughts to what you’ll say in your acceptance speech if you win?
Hell no. I’ll probably curse like Darin [Brooks] [did] or something.

Would you consider coming back to Days now that “Secret Circle” has ended?
Anything’s possible. I’m working on a show for MTV that will air next year: “Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous” with Bo Burnham. We finish shooting the first season in September. I shot the pilot a year ago. It’s a comedy. So it’s really fun.

Sean Blakemore (Shawn “General Hospital” Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor)

What does it mean to be recognized by your peers after being on “General Hospital” for a relatively short time?
It’s a phenomenal experience. I’m so excited to be recognized first of all by your counterparts who say, “Hey, we really appreciate what you have to offer.” Then doing the show for such a short time, it’s such a humbling experience and honor. I’m almost at a loss for words.

How did you decide which scenes to use in your reel?
It was kind of easy for me because that was the first time that Shawn Butler had a chance to connect with the audience with his personal life and his feelings. He wasn’t the tough guy. It was a humbling experience for him to open up. It was a very sensitive side that the audience didn’t get to see. It was about his love for his fellow marine, for his family, a side we never heard him talk about.

Have you thought about what you will say in your acceptance speech if you win?
I haven’t gotten that far because I’ve been taking it day by day. I would love to win, but if I don’t, it’s truly an honor to have that [nomination] attached to my name.

There have been a lot of changes at “General Hospital”. We have been seeing less of Shawn lately. Is being on the backburner frustrating for you?
Change is challenging sometimes, but sometimes it’s also a great thing. With the producers, what they’re trying to do, I trust in their vision. I support it and hopefully the direction they’re taking the characters on the show is a progressive manner. I’m the type of person who tries to go with the flow. Whatever I have, I try to make magic with it.

Shawn’s nephew TJ has a secret romance with Molly. Are Shawn and Alexis going to end up butting heads over the situation?
It should be very interesting. Let’s say that.

Which categories do you think “General Hospital” is going to win?
All of them. I feel that this is going to be the first time that any one soap opera will get a clean sweep. Because I think we have the greatest show. I honestly do.

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