Dr. Drew ‘Angry’ at Passing of Former Patient Rodney King

Dr. Drew (VH1)

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who earned fame for treating celebrities fighting addiction on “Celebrity Rehab,” lost one of his patients on Sunday with the death of Rodney King.

Pinsky took to the airwaves on his HLN news show on Monday to talk about the passing of King.

“Rodney King was just a misunderstood sweet man who just couldn’t shake his inner demons,” said Pinsky. “I feel angry because I know it didn’t have to happen,” he continued. “After the anger passes, the sadness kicks in.”

In 2009, King entered treatment as a patient on “Celebrity Rehab,” and spoke of being sober for nearly a year. However, King appeared on Pinsky’s HLN show only two months ago, where he admitted that he had slipped and was again drinking alcohol.

With King’s body found in a swimming pool at 3 a.m., the conversation quickly turned to discussion on the role that alcohol had in King’s passing.

“It was alcoholism to me if you’re swimming at 3 in the morning,” said Bob Forrest, who also worked with Pinsky on “Celebrity Rehab.”

Pinsky has seen several of his former patients die as a result of their battles with addiction, including Jeff Conaway and Mike Starr. Adding King’s name to the list, left Pinsky shaken as he sent his condolences to King’s daughters.

“I’m so devastated for them. They can’t get their head around this.”

YahooTV has the full story and a clip from the show.

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