‘Killing’ Star Was ‘Shocked’ and ‘Surprised’ to Discover She Was the Killer

The Killing Season 2 Finale (AMC)

After two long seasons, Rosie Larsen’s killer was finally apprehended on Sunday night’s season finale of “The Killing.” The shocking discovery came near the end of the episode, when Rosie’s Aunt Terry emotionally confessed to committing the crime. Played out via flashback, Terry was seen putting the car an alive Rosie was inside of into drive and solemnly watching it careen into the lake. For most, Terry’s admission came as a surprise, as Richmond’s aide Jamie Wright had earlier been shot and killed by Holder after confessing to Darren that he was responsible for beating Rosie and then stashing her body. But, thanks to some gold old fashioned detective work by Holder and Linden (and Terry’s car, busted taillight and all conveniently parked in the Larsen’s garage), the mystery was finally solved. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie Anne Allman, who plays Aunt Terry, reveals how “shocked” and “surprised” she was to discover she was responsible for murdering her niece. Some highlights below:

On how and when she found out she was the killer:

[Executive Producer] Veena [Sud] had called me a couple hours before I was going in to read for the table read for episode 13, the last episode, that I was the killer. When she gave me the news, I was upset, I started crying. I actually thought that while I was contemplating, “What if I’m the killer?,” that I’d be excited but I started crying and started feeling bad for Terry. “Oh man, this is a really tragic situation.” Yea, I found out right before the table read for the last episode.

Watch the Season Finale of “The Killing” below:


On the scene earlier in the season that made her wonder whether she was the killer:

There was a scene that I alluded to some things that I had questioned whether or not I was the killer or not. It was the scene where [the Larsen boys] were playing with the trunk. I come down from the apartment and I see them in the garage locked in the trunk and I got really upset at Tommy. I remember [the writers] really wanting me to really shake Tommy and be very upset about this. I thought, why would I be that mad at him? It could’ve been, this is Terry not wanting the boys to mess around because it was how Rosie died or this is a flashback for her because she was involved.

On whether she’s happy to be the killer:

I would say fulfilled. I feel like there is justice and a lot of people got to know someone who made a lot of bad choices. And have a little more understanding as to why she made those choices. On my last day of working, I was so sick of looking in the mirror and curling my hair and seeing Terry every time. I cut bangs on my last day of work and just killed Terry right away. [Laughs] I just had to start anew.

For more from the interview with Allman, click over to THR.

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