Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s Son Sprays His Dad for Father’s Day

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Who says TV doesn’t celebrate Father’s Day? (Well, we did — just yesterday — here.)

ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel emerged as an exception to our sweeping generalization when he marked the annual holiday honoring family patriarchs with another one of his holiday-themed YouTube challenges — the results of which you can watch in the video, above.

This challenge invited kids of all ages to have someone (perhaps a sibling or mom) run a video camera while they sprayed their father with a garden hose. The Father’s Day spraying was a surprise to dad, of course — and, like all of these Kimmel YouTube challenges, the comedy stemmed from the shocked reactions of the afflicted.

In this case, the dads reacted in a variety of ways — none by throwing tantrums, by the way, in the manner of the children seen on previous such challenges when Kimmel invited parents to withhold their kids’ Halloween candy and Christmas presents.

One unique feature of this YouTube challenge: Jimmy himself became a video victim when his mischievous son Kevin (who’s a teen-aged spitting image of his father) turned the tables — and a water hose — on his dad.

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