Report: Kris Humphries’ Lawyers Will Use Kardashian’s ‘Oprah’ Interview Against Her

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian (Photo: Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian’s interview with Oprah Winfrey may have given ex-husband Kris Humphries’lawyers ammo for an upcoming court dates.

Humphries’ lawyers are planning to question Kardashian about her statements on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” where she told Winfrey that her mom, Kris Jenner, asked her on the eve of her wedding if she wanted to call the whole thing off, according to

When asked if she had doubts about the nuptials, Kardashian replied, “I didn’t have an inkling, but everyone around me did. The night before, my mom said, ‘Do you want out?’ She said, ‘You’re not yourself.’ But I said mom, no, I got angry, I was thinking, “How dare you!”

This statement, according to the site’s sources, helps prove Humphries’ case against the reality star.

“This goes to the heart of Kris’ claim against Kim, that the marriage was fraudulent and that he was duped into marrying her,” the source said. “Kris’ lawyers will grill Kim about the specifics of her conversation with her mother on the eve of her wedding. What was exactly said and why did Kris say that to her daughter? Kim’s explanation of why her mom asked her just doesn’t make sense. There is a lot more going on to this than the public knows, and Kris wants answers. Kris was left in the dark, and it was very hurtful for him to hear that Kim was bored with him.”

The site went on to claim that Humphries’ lawyers are “looking forward” to watching the second part of Kim’s interview next week.

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