Cee Lo Green’s Furry Sidekick Gets Replaced on ‘The Voice’

by | June 22, 2012 at 10:12 AM | The Voice

Eccentric singer Cee Lo Green will have a new furry sidekick by his side, or on his shoulder rather, when “The Voice” returns in the fall.

The “Voice” mentor was seen last season stroking a fluffy white Persian cat on his lap, and Purrfect became something of a breakout star, even getting her own Twitter handle.

But now it seems Purrfect is out and a new lady is in.

In the new clip above, Cee Lo introduces his new furry friend: a pink cockatoo named Miss Ladybird. Watch the Clip Above to Find Out What Happened Purrfect!

“I found lady when I was vacationing on Fantasy Island,” Green says. “And I just feel in love. Ain’t that, right, Ladykilla?”

Ladybird will make her debut on the third season of “The Voice,” which began shooting blind auditions this week.

And yes, Lady also has her own Twitter account: You can follow her at @CeeLosLady.