Jimmy Kimmel Grills Another Kid With Lie Detector

by | June 27, 2012 at 11:18 AM | Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Late-night host and truth seeker Jimmy Kimmel had so much fun with his “Lie Detective” segment — in which he gives little kids a “lie detector test” (which amounts to a pasta strainer on their heads and their fingers attached to buzzers) — that he did it again with equally entertaining results on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“.

This time, it’s second-grader Ethan who gets a grilling from “Jimmy the Lie Detective.” (His parents were in cahoots with Kimmel, giving him top secret information in advance “to extract the truth and more” from their son.)

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So, what kind of dirt does Kimmel dig up on an eight year old? How about lying that he doesn’t have a “girlfriend,” that her name is “nobody” … and that there are, in fact, other cute girls at school too that he pretends he doesn’t notice!

At one point the boy asks adorably, “Can we go to another topic?” when the interrogation escalates from his secret girlfriend to … naked ladies. Watch the Clip Above.

Also hilarious: Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo portraying “The Truth Fairy,” who pretty much does nothing but sit there dressed in head-to-toe pink with wings and occasionally instigates the kid. “Come on, we won’t tell your mom.”