NYT Report: Curry Set to Announce Departure From ‘Today’ On-Air Thursday

by | June 27, 2012 at 9:55 PM | The Today Show, TV News

Ann Curry (NBC)

Mere days after news broke that NBC was mulling an overhaul of “Today” that would include Ann Curry leaving the show, the rumors could become official tomorrow morning.

The New York Times reports that Ann Curry is likely to announce her departure from NBC’s “Today” show on the air Thursday morning, according to NBC sources. Earlier this week, NBC executives started talks with Savannah Guthrie, about replacing Curry on the program. However, the report states that that Guthrie will probably not be mentioned when Curry informs viewers about her intentions to leave the show.

According to the report, “the announcement plans are subject to change up until Thursday morning, according to the people close to the network. It is unknown whether Thursday will also be Ms. Curry’s last day as co-host.”

NBC has not commented on any changes at the show since last week, when The New York Times first reported that a change was being considered due to recent ratings dips on the show.

Network executive were said to be “eager” to make the change as soon as possible in order to get the talent lined up ahead of the network’s coverage of the Summer Olympics.

Meanwhile, the report also states that Tamron Hall, who serves as anchor for cable news channel MSNBC, is expected to take over Guthrie’s role on “Today” as the co-host of the 9 a.m. hour.