Paula Deen Surprises ‘Chew’ Crew, Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

by | June 28, 2012 at 12:08 PM | The Chew

A new slimmed-down Paula Deen made a surprise visit to “The Chew” on Wednesday. Deen, who covers this week’s People magazine, popped by to show off her recent 30-lb.weight loss.  “I feel great,” Deen enthused, joking that she couldn’t believe People would ever agree to put her on the cover.  “There’s hope for us fatties, you know?” she quipped. Deen admitted that the secret to her successful diet was “moderation.” “I’ve said it for so long,” she confessed. “But I’ve really started to practice that.” So what is the reformed butter lover loading up on these days? “I’ve rearranged my plate, y’all,” Deen said. “I’ve doubled my salad and doubled my green beans!” Take a look at Deen’s new look above.

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