Top Five: Ann Curry Drama Ends with Her Final Farewell

The competition for the top spot in our Top Five this week wasn’t even close: It has to be Ann Curry and her tearful farewell from “The Today Show.”

1) Hail and farewell: We haven’t had one of these emotional goodbyes from a prominent TV personality in a while. When was the last one — Regis Philbin leaving “Live” last November? Does that even count? Did he cry? We don’t remember (though we doubt Reege shed any tears). Well, Ann Curry shed plenty of them when she delivered her farewell address Thursday near the tail end of the first two hours of “Today.” In case you missed it, you’ll get a chance to see it in just a few seconds, below. But before you do, it bears mentioning that at least one cheeky show business Web site,, suggested here that Ann was icy to Matt Lauer during the farewell speech. Was she?

See for yourself: Here’s Ann Curry’s “Today” show farewell:
[iframe 580 476]

2) Dog days: Traditionally, the dog days of summer are more closely associated with August (and late July), but June is often a kind of “dog” month for TV, a time when there are few new shows coming on board. So, we turn our attention to late-night, where new shows and highlights abound, including this next clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” We especially liked this bit because it involved kids, and Jimmy’s especially good with the younger participants in his comedy bits. In this one, Jimmy strapped kids to a (fake) lie detector.

Watch what happened, right here:
[iframe!/embed 580 476]

3) The wit and wisdom of Louis C.K.: Louis C.K. was everywhere this week promoting the third-season premiere of his new FX sitcom “Louie.” This guy has really come into his own lately; known as a “comic’s comic” for about the last 20 years, he is suddenly the hottest standup comedian in America at age 44. We saw him this week on both “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” And since we’ve already given you a “Kimmel” clip here, we thought we’d bring you Louis’ appearance on “Leno,” which we enjoyed just as much. When we watched Louis and Jay, we weren’t sure the two were really gelling as host and guest, particularly when Louis joked about how “weird” Jay looked in person.

See if you agree: Watch Louis C.K. on “Leno” this week:
[iframe 580 476]

4) Un-Saint-ly behavior: David Letterman got New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to talk about the scandal enveloping the team in light of revelations that some players accepted so-called “bounties” to hit opposing players hard enough to injure them intentionally. But Brees’ comments on Letterman’s “Late Show” this week just about amounted to a denial that any such thing had taken place. “We are tired of hearing about it,” he complained. Well, boo-hoo, Drew. It was our impression there was plenty of proof that the bounty scandal was based on facts, not someone’s imagination. In his comments to Dave, Brees acted as though he hasn’t seen sufficient “facts” yet to support the idea that anything untoward ever happened.

Watch this other-worldly exchange between Letterman and Brees:
[iframe—Drew-Brees-on-Bountygate/embed 580 476]

5) “Dallas” on “Fallon”: Jimmy Fallon runs one of the younger-skewing late-night shows, so we find it unusual when some of TV’s older personalities turn up on his show (except for some, such as Joan Rivers, who we highlighted last week). This week, Jimmy had two of the elder statesmen from the new “Dallas” on TNT — Larry Hagman, 80, and Patrick Duffy, 63.

Hear what these two had to say on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”:
[iframe 580 476]
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