‘Weeds’: Shooter’s Identity Revealed in Season Premiere

Weeds (Showtime)

[Spoiler alert: Don’t read if you don’t want to know the outcome of the Season 8 premiere of “Weeds.”]

The identity of Nancy Botwin’s (Mary-Louise Parker) shooter was uncovered in Sunday’s Season 8 premiere of “Weeds” — and boy was it a blast from the past.

Season 7 of the Showtime dramedy ended with a cliffhanger: as the drug-dealing Botwin matriarch stood with raised glass, toasting her new mansion, a target was pointed squarely at her face.

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In the Season 8 opener, it was revealed that Nancy had sustained a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head, and the gunman was none other than Tim Scottson (Daryl Sabara), the son of Nancy’s dead former lover, DEA agent Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan).

While Tim’s return may have come as a shock to audiences, executive producer Roberto Benabib tells The Hollywood Reporter that bringing the Peter storyline full-circle had been a goal since his untimely demise. “Every season after Peter Scottson died, we always used to talk about Timmy and the affect it had on him. We used to joke every time someone was killed, ‘It was Timmy!'”, Benabib says. “Finally the time came where Nancy had gotten far enough away from it that we felt like the audience was not going to be looking for this, Nancy wouldn’t be looking for this. We always had a sense that growing up without a father for Timmy had the same kind of almost perverted results that growing up without a father did for Shane (Alexander Gould). It was thematic for us and we always had it in our holster as a possibility and we decided it was far enough away that it was time for her past to come haunt her and hunt her down.”

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