Ann Curry Resurfaces With July Fourth Tweet

Ann Curry (Photo: NBC)

Ann Curry emerged from six days of public silence to wish the United States of America a happy 236th birthday on July Fourth.

Ann’s medium of choice: Twitter. Curry, who left NBC’s “Today Show” in tears just a week ago (Thursday, June 28), let fly a mild tweet on Independence Day.

“236 years old and just getting started. Happy 4th America. You are beautiful,” Curry tweeted patriotically here.

Curry, 55, lost her job as Matt Lauer’s co-host on “Today” last week, after a week or two of rumors that NBC was trying to dislodge her from the show — effectively placing the blame on her for the show’s sagging ratings recently. (Editorial comment alert: I don’t happen to agree with that, but there it is.)

She was replaced starting the day after her tearful goodbye by Savannah Guthrie, 40. And by the way, “Savannah” is not from Georgia (where the city of Savannah is located) — she was born in Australia and grew up in Arizona, according to Wikipedia.

Curry’s fans were quick to respond to her. “You’re just getting started as well!” tweeted one of them, enthusiastically. “Thanks for all your thoughtful, relevant reporting/anchoring.”

“You’re back! Have missed your tweets, looking forward to what’s next! :-),” tweeted another fan.

Curry negotiated a new role at NBC News, where she’s expected to continue as a correspondent.

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