‘Newsroom’ Stars Take on Neil LaBute for Wigs Channel

Chris Messina (Getty Images Entertainment)

NEW YORK (TheWrap.com) – Alison Pill and Chris Messina, both of whom can be seen on Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom,” star in “Denise,” a short film that posted this week on the “Wigs” YouTube channel.

The film, written by playwright-filmmaker Neil LaBute features Pill and Messina, who star as two actors who show up for a call back. (LaBute also followed the film with a one-act was titled – you guessed it – “Call Back.”)

After they sit down, Pill’s character gripes about how many times a guy has promised to call her back but has failed to do so.

Then she intimates it happened with Brad (Messina), whispering, “positions I’ve never thought of. The promises we made to each other. that video.”


Rather than spoil it, we’ll leave you there.

But bringing LaBute into the world of online video is in keeping with the mission of “Wigs,” which airs web series and short films about women.

Each film is named after a woman, and each one is supposed to represent smart, HBO-quality content.

Jon Avnet and Rodrigo Garcia are the driving forces behind the channel, which aims to bring premium stories and high-production value to the web. They have already worked with the actors like Virginia Madsen, Alfred Molina and Julia Stiles on web series and short films.

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