Lisa Lampanelli Reveals Dramatic Weight Loss on ‘Bethenny’

by | July 6, 2012 at 3:15 PM | Bethenny

Lisa Lampanelli on Bethenny (TelePictures)

Lisa Lampanelli has shed some major pounds — and that’s no joke! During a taping of an episode of “Bethenny” set to air on Monday, July 9, the acerbic comedian revealed she’s lost 52 pounds after undergoing a laparoscopic procedure ten weeks ago.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” alum and her husband, Jimmy Cannizaarro, both received gastric sleeve surgery.

Lampanelli said she feels fantastic now, noting that the weight loss has brought her closer to her true self. “If you’re not stuffing your emotions with food you have no choice but to cry at everything, or yell or laugh, or whatever. I think it makes you more of your authentic self,” she confessed. “So I just feel like everything is feeding into making me a more authentic person.”

Although the desire to live longer is what initially spurred her decision, she’s also discovered some unexpected fringe benefits in the bedroom. “I can get closer to Jimmy now that the stomach’s gone down,” she said. “That’s very nice!”

See Lampanelli’s Dramatic Slimdown Below: