‘The View’: Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Explains What Happened to Caylee

Attorney Jose Baez on 'The View' (Photo: ABC)

Since coming under suspicion for the 2008 murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony has been widely regarded as the most hated person in America. Following her acquittal, Anthony has kept out of the public eye, but her former lawyer, Jose Baez, dropped by “The View” Wednesday morning to promote his book, “Presumed Guilty,” and reveal how his reviled client is living now.

“She’s living in Florida serving out the remainder of her probation in a private location that’s undisclosed and not made public, basically, because of the fear she has of death threats… She’s basically living in seclusion right now. How long that will be, I don’t know,” said Baez.

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While Caylee Anthony’s tragic death incurred the wrath of millions who followed the case and subsequent trial, Baez says he is still surprised at the particularly harsh public reaction toward his former client.

“I’m surprised because I’m in the criminal defense business and we have tragic crimes that are across America that happen every day… numerous types of crimes that are much more egregious,” explained Baez.

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Although multiple theories of Caylee’s death have been presented by lawyers and media outlets, Baez told the show’s hosts exactly what his client had confessed to him regarding the death of her daughter.

“She accidentally drowned in the swimming pool,” said Baez. “Caylee loved to swim. She swam every morning. Every day that week, she had swam, and that morning, she got out on her own.”

“And then the father covered it up for 30 days?” asked Barbara Walters.

“Correct. That’s what I believe,” said Baez.

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While many of Anthony’s detractors have pointed to her multiple online searches for “chloroform” prior to her daughter’s death and conflicting stories regarding Caylee’s disappearance as signs of her guilt, Baez painted his client as a young woman confused by a long history of abuse at the hands of her own father.

“Because of her behavior and her lies, she’s essentially the Boy Who Cried Wolf,” said Baez. “Is she lying because she was abused, or is she lying about the abuse? What came first?”

When questioned by co-host Sherri Shepherd about Anthony waiting a month before reporting her daughter missing, Baez tried to shed some light on the fuzzy logic of trauma victims.

“Why did Jaycee Dugard wait so long? Why did Shawn Hornbeck run into that situation? Why didn’t the boys in the Sandusky [case] say anything? People who are victims and sexual abuse survivors act very differently.”

Explaining that Anthony was currently funding her lifestyle through donations from others, Baez said, “She does have her supporters. As many people that hate her, there are some people that have been victims of sexual abuse and can relate to certain things.”

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