Watch: Did ‘Spoiler’ Letterman Reveal ‘Batman’ Movie Ending?

Anne Hathaway appeared on David Letterman's show this week (Photos: Getty Images, CBS)

David Letterman may or may not have revealed the ending of the new “Batman” movie while interviewing Anne Hathaway Thursday night.

Hathaway plays Catwoman in the latest installment in the “Batman” movie series, “The Dark Knight Rises,” opening next Friday (July 20). Christian Bale is back as Batman and Bruce Wayne, with Morgan Freeman as the butler Alfred.

Well, on his CBS “Late Show,” Letterman seemed to let slip that (SPOILER ALERT) Batman dies at the end of the picture. To her credit, Hathaway doesn’t come right out and say if Dave was right or wrong about that, so unless you’ve actually seen the movie (which isn’t possible unless you’re a show business or movie industry insider who has been invited to an early screening), you won’t know if he revealed the ending or not.

You can watch this portion of Letterman’s interview with Hathaway here, on the Huffington Post Web site. If you watch it, you may also have doubts about what Letterman said, simply because there exists the possibility that he was simply joking around. But then again, maybe he wasn’t. As they say at Fox News: You decide (then go and see the movie if you’re still curious).

Meanwhile, Letterman’s gaffe (if it is one) has churned up the Internet, with Batman fans wondering if what he said was true or not. It all adds up to more publicity and curiosity about the movie.

Watch what else Anne Hathaway had to say about the movie in this clip from the “Late Show”:
[iframe—Anne-Hathaway-Is-Catwoman/embed 580 476]
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