‘Survivor’s’ Kimmel, ‘Real World’s’ Cannatella Square Off in New Poker Series

by | July 16, 2012 at 8:44 PM | Celebrities, Survivor, The Real World, TV News

Amanda Kimmel (Getty Images Entertainment)

Two feisty reality stars are about to take their competitive natures to the next level.

Former “Survivor” castaway Amanda Kimmel will join “The Real World’sTrishelle Cannatella in a new poker-driven reality series “Living the Life,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series will feature the two players traveling the world and competing against one another at as well as away from the poker table.

“They’re both extremely competitive. And they don’t like to lose,” series creator Josh Kimmel told the publication.

Filming is slated to take place during the second half of August, according to the article, “for three days in Los Angeles where Amanda Kimmel lives, and the rest in Barcelona, Spain at a PokerStars’ European Poker Tour event.”

Josh Kimmel noted that he wanted the cameras to showcase how the stars react to winning and losing.

“If they lose and they go up to their hotel room and smash the TV set, that’s interesting to me,” Kimmel said.