Watch: Odd Late-Night Pairing as Snooki Meets Newt Gingrich

Jay Leno hit the jackpot with guests Newt Gingrich and Snooki Wednesday on "The Tonight Show" (Photos: NBC)

What happened when Snooki met Newt Gingrich?

The experience seemed to sit well with both of them Wednesday night on “The Tonight with Jay Leno,” even though, on paper, this combination of a conservative former U.S. Speaker of the House (and recently, a candidate for president) and the break-out star of one of TV’s wildest reality shows would seem like oil and water.

But the two practiced their best manners when they came face to face as guests on “Tonight,” whose bookers should be patting themselves on the back for engineering this unlikely combination of dissimilar personalities.

For his part, Jay Leno seemed delighted at the potential for comedy he might be able to wring from these two disparate celebrities.

In fact, the show’s very first scene exploited the incongruity of these two characters — a bit you can see at the very beginning of this clip (which happens to be the entire “Tonight Show” from Wednesday night).

Watch how “The Tonight Show” opened with Newt and Snooki Wednesday night:
[iframe 580 476]

Certainly, you can watch the whole show all the way through, or wait just a few paragraphs until the next video, which will allow you to skip directly to Jay’s first guest, Newt Gingrich.

But first, a few highlights of that:

Jay started out by asking Newt about his aborted presidential campaign. “OK, gimme best moment, worst moment. What was the crowning moment?” Jay asked him.

“Oh, I think the people,” Gingrich answered. “I mean, it’s very touching when you’re … even towards the end when clearly we were losing and running out of money, people would walk up to you and they would say to you, I am praying for you everyday. Please keep campaigning. … It was very touching.”

Newt also talked about his dream of establishing a colony on the moon, and he invited Leno to do “The Tonight Show” from the lunar surface.

Gingrich pledged to help Mitt Romney defeat President Obama in November, despite the sometimes bitter contest Gingrich waged with the eventual Republican frontrunner. “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure Romney wins,” Gingrich said.

Let’s go to the videotape: Watch Newt Gingrich on “The Tonight Show”:
[iframe 580 476]

In their second segment together, the conversation eventually got around to Romney’s tax returns and Newt’s take on possible running mates for Mitt.

Then it became time for Snooki to come on stage. Although they’d already appeared together in that opening bit, Jay introduced Newt to Snooki (and vice versa). “What up?” she asked Gingrich, who laughed.

While Gingrich watched, Jay and Snooki talked about her pregnancy (she’s expecting a son who she plans on naming Lorenzo). And Snooki confessed that, now that she’s having a child who will grow up to watch her old “Jersey Shore” shows, she has some regrets about how she’s behaved on the show. To his credit, Jay drew Gingrich into the conversation.

Ya gotta see this: Watch Snooki on “The Tonight Show”:
[iframe 580 476]
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