What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'Bachelor Pad' (ABC)

Monday July 23:

Bachelor Pad‘ (8pm ET on ABC) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Hosted by Chris Harrison ‘Bachelor Pad’ is back with a new season, joining together some of the most memorable and controversial characters from the “Bachelor” franchise. Five “Super Fans” found through an open casting call, will spice it up in the mansion and compete for love and money against veteran bachelors and bachelorettes. The group heads to the mansion to live, scheme and connive as they compete for $250,000 – and possibly another chance at love.

Warehouse 13‘ (9pm on Syfy) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Season 4 kicks off with the Warehouse Team still reeling from the shocking events of the climactic season three finale – the loss of Agent Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore), Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder), H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) and the destruction of the Warehouse itself. Their only hope lies in racing to the other side of the Earth to hunt down an obscure artifact, which may or may not even exist – and if it does exist, what consequences will they face for using it?

Alphas‘ (10pm on Syfy) **Season Premiere** Record Now

In Syfy’s action-packed hit drama series, an unlikely team of ordinary people with superhuman physical and mental abilities – known as Alphas – takes on mysterious cases the CIA, FBI and Pentagon are unable to solve and go head-to-head with criminal Alphas. Season 2 picks up eight months after last year’s finale with the stage set for an explosive turn of events at the Binghamton facility (the Guantanamo of the Alpha world) that could have devastating, far-reaching consequences.

I’m Having Their Baby**Series Premiere** Record Now

This powerful six-part series gives viewers an intimate peek into the world of adoption by telling the too-often untold story of the birth mother and her experience in making this difficult and emotional choice. Each installment follows two pregnant women who have made the choice to place their babies for adoption, and are making the life changing decisions that come next.

Tuesday July 24:

Deadliest Catch‘ (8pm on Discovery) **Season Finale** Record Now

Alaskan crab-wranglers fight the most dangerous working conditions, including 40-foot waves and 80-mile-per-hour winds, in the gripping series. Far in the Bering Sea’s frigid waters, 250 boats tempt fate and nature in “The Last Rodeo” season trying to bring in a season’s catch of the highly coveted and lucrative Alaskan king crab.

Love in the Wild‘ (10pm ET on NBC) **Season Finale** Record Now

The final two couples embark on their last challenge, an overnight quest that will test their endurance, strength, resolve, and more importantly, their relationship. This extreme journey forces them to rely on their communication skills by leading them through swampy rice fields, choppy waters, and ultimately to the finish line.

Wednesday July 25:

Top Chef Masters‘ (10pm on Bravo) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Bravo’s ‘Top Chef Masters’ season four is smokin’ in Las Vegas with 12 new award-winning chefs hungry to compete for the title and win $100,000 for their charity. In each episode the winners of every quickfire challenge will be awarded $5,000 while the victors of the elimination challenges will receive $10,000 for their designated charities.

Wake Brothers‘ (11pm on MTV) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Phil (23 years old) and Bob (20 years old) are currently ranked as the #1 and #3 professional wakeboarders in the world. The guys do everything together – from competing on the U.S. Tour, to living together in Phil’s bachelor pad dream home on a private lake in Orlando, FL – but they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Thursday July 26:

Take Me Out‘ (8pm ET on Fox) **Season Finale** Record Now

Demarcus Reed from New York, NY, George Wang from San Gabriel, CA, and Tyler McBride from Orange County, CA seek to impress the thirty single women searching for their perfect summer fling in the all-new “Episode 8” season finale episode.

‘3’ (10pm ET on CBS) **Series Premiere** Record Now

“3” is a new relationship series in which three single women of different ages, life experiences and backgrounds meet for the first time with a common goal – to find true love. During their journey, the women meet nearly 100 men before they begin to narrow down their suitors to find their perfect partner.

Sunday July 29:

Oprah’s Lifeclass‘ (10pm on OWN) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant is the guest in the Season 2 opener.

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