Watch: ‘Kimmel’ Has Snooki and Charlie Sheen, But Not Together

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What’s the common denominator here? It’s Snooki, who’s making the late-night rounds this week promoting her new novel “Gorilla Beach.”

Wednesday night, Snooks was seen in the company of former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” And Thursday night, she was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the same show as Charlie Sheen. Yes, thanks to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, late-night TV this week (at least in L.A.) has been a booker’s dream.

Here’s what happened on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with Snooks and Charlie:

Jimmy was so excited (and no doubt aware that these two appearing on the same night was a booking bonanza) that he devoted much of his opening monologue to the subject of Snooki and Charlie. You can watch the monologue at the beginning of our video (above), which happens to be the entire Thursday night show.

Later, Charlie came on first as the show’s lead guest (at about 16 minutes into the video). And, as always happens with Sheen, the studio audience went nuts — demonstrating a warmth for this admitted drug-using celebrity that never ceases to amaze us.

The two then talked about a new movie Sheen is shooting in Texas, and about the $1 million Sheen recently pledged to the USO — a generous charitable gift, for sure, but also a move clearly aimed at improving his public image. And, as he mentioned on “Leno” earlier, the USO stands to get even more money if “Anger Management” — Sheen’s new FX sitcom — succeeds financially. “You guys gotta make it a hit,” he said, pointing to the “Kimmel” studio audience. So it seems the USO pledge is also part of a campaign to goose the ratings for Sheen’s TV show.

Believe it or not, Jimmy and Charlie then talked about something interesting that we’d never heard before: Charlie holds a U.S. patent for a new kind of lip-balm dispenser that he designed (or so he claimed on “Kimmel”). We’re not kidding.

In their second segment, Jimmy asked Charlie how he reacted when he heard that Ashton Kutcher — Sheen’s replacement on “Two and a Half Men” — was not nominated for an Emmy on Thursday. Charlie shrugged and called Kutcher “a sweet man.”

He was more complimentary of his former co-star on that show, Jon Cryer, who was nominated. “That man’s a genius,” he said of Cryer.

The subject of Snooki came up only once when Kimmel asked Sheen if he’d ever met her. The answer: He met her moments before, backstage, for the first time. And it was doubtful Sheen was familiar with her show, “Jersey Shore.”

Unfortunately, Sheen didn’t stick around for Snooki’s guest segment. When she finally came on stage, he was gone — a missed opportunity for “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” it seems to us.

Watch what she did on the show, anyway, at 27-and-a-half minutes into the show, above.

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