Mariah Carey Closing in on ‘Idol’ Judging Deal: Report

Mariah Carey (Photo: Getty Images)

Mariah Carey is reportedly close to finalizing a multimillion-dollar deal to become one of the new judges next season on “American Idol.”

And if the story is accurate, she’ll be earning a salary on par with what departed judge Jennifer Lopez reportedly demanded, but didn’t get.

The story was posted on the showbiz Web site here late Friday evening.

The story characterizes the Carey deal as being “finalized,” and says her salary for judging “Idol” hopefuls next season will top out at $17 million.

If memory serves, that was the figure J.Lo reportedly asked for in her most recent go-round with Fox and “Idol” producers, who then reportedly turned her down.

And yet, they then turned right around and agreed to pay Mariah Carey that very same sum. Why? The reason could be, according to the Deadline story, that they had to offer Carey that much in order to sign her, because she was also being sought by Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” for a judging post.

Meanwhile, “Idol” still has another judge’s position to fill and, as if that’s not suspenseful enough, original judge Randy Jackson has not yet been officially confirmed for next season.

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