‘WWE Monday Night Raw’s’ Top 10 Celebrity Moments

Hugh Jackman Jacks Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

Hugh Jackman Jacks Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

From Mr. T, Muhammad Ali, and Liberace at the inaugural Wrestlemania to Sean “Diddy Puffy P-Diddy” Combs and Flo Rida at the most recent one, wrestlers and celebrities have been cross-mingling for quite some time.

So, as we prepare for tonight’s thousandth episode of “WWE Monday Night Raw,” I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the ten best celebrity appearances from the show’s first nine hundred, ninety nine episodes.

Note: Stacy Keibler doesn’t qualify for this list because at the time of her many appearances she was technically a WWE Diva and not a celebrity. Otherwise, she’d be featured in at least seven of the top ten entries…

The Piven Body Press
Things don’t always go smoothly when celebrities agree to be a part of the insanity of “Monday Night Raw.” The best results tend to happen when the celebrity is willing to check their ego at the door, dive in, and have fun. Jeremy Piven did just that during his August 3rd, 2009 guest hosting stint…literally.
Pee-Wee Is Rubber, Miz Is Glue
The exact opposite of the Piven visit took place during Pee-Wee Herman’s November 1st 2010 appearance. The then Mr. Money in the Bank Miz got to have some signature “Play House” fun as he kept accidentally saying Pee-Wee’s secret word and got into a classic “I know you are but what am I?” exchange.
The Big Red Machines
The bizarre Pete Rose/Kane feud was one of highlights of the Attitude-Era Wrestlemania events. On March 22, 2010, Kane reignited this rivalry quipping, “Your luck has changed? Don’t bet on it!”Note: This photo is from their Wrestlemania XIV encounter.
The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Vickie
From Vickie Guerrero and Miss Piggy’s “Excuse Me”/”Excuse Moi” debate to Sheamus rescuing his long-lost family member Beaker, the Halloween 2011 edition of “Monday Night Raw” was heaven for any kid of the ‘80s.
Mr. Britney Spears Defeats John Cena
Say whatever you want about Kevin Federline’s music career, but you’ve got to admire somebody who’s willing to make fun of their own public persona. The self-proclaimed “America’s Most Hated” milked the audience’s contempt like a classically trained bad guy and even managed to earn a pinfall victory over the former Doctor of Thuganomics on New Years Day 2007.
Shaq Vs. Show
It’s always a tricky thing when a celebrity tries to step into the ring. If it’s played for fun like Seth Green or Kevin Federline, I can appreciate it for the joke that it’s supposed to be. When it’s taken seriously like Jay Leno or Dennis Rodman, then I get nervous. However, when Shaquille O’Neal stood toe-to-toe with the Big Show during the July 27, 2009 episode of “Raw” I got excited. Every few years there are rumors that Shaq wants to wrestle. I’d be all for it.
Captain Kirk Takes on Double J
For anyone who thinks celebrity involvement on “Raw” is a relatively new phenomenon, let’s turn the clock back to January 16, 1995 when the former captain of the Starship Enterprise stood in the corner of Bret “Hitman” Hart. Fifteen years later, the two Canadians would reunite during Shatner’s guest hosting visit.
The Woo-Woo-Wolverine
It’s not every day that you get decked by an A-List movie star. (Well, unless you’re a member of the paparazzi.) But, Dolph Ziggler experienced just that when he found himself on the wrong end of a Hugh Jackman right cross on the September 19, 2011 episode of “Raw.”
Y2J, Come On Down!
“The Price Is Right” icon Bob Barker had the WWE Universe in the palm of his hand during his September 7, 2009 guest hosting stint. The highlight of the evening was clearly the way Barker put Chris Jericho in his place during a pricing game, even threatening to take the “Best in the World” over his knee at one point. (And kudos to Jericho for hilariously wearing the name tag on his chest.)
The Most Important Celebrity Appearance Ever
Steve Austin was the hottest act the WWE had seen in years and was the company’s best chance to overtake the WCW “Nitro” juggernaut. All he needed was that little something to put him over the top. That something was “Iron” Mike Tyson. On January 19, 1998 the two participated in a pull-apart brawl. The next day the event was talked about on every news outlet in the country. The “Stone Cold” era was born.Years later, Tyson would return to become buddies with Hornswoggle. That’s probably not as important as tilting the balance in the Monday Night Wars, but it’s something.

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