‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Chris Harrison: Some Hookups Were Stupid, Others ‘Bizarre’

Chris Harrison (ABC)

Summertime is the season for game players, player haters, sun-kissed bodies, man boobs, fake boobs, bikinis, mankinis—and a chance to win $250,000! At least it is on ABC’s all new “Bachelor Pad,” which premieres tonight at 8/7c. But hold onto your jockstraps—there’s more!

This season doesn’t just consist of the usual dysfunctional hookups, fragile pacts, and conniving strategizing; now Super Fans of the show will be added into the mix to compete with their fave famous contestants for love and money!

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Host Chris Harrison recently chatted with reporters to discuss how the new “Bachelor Pad” will play out, if some contestants find love, and what the heck Mike Stagliano and Erica Rose are doing back on the show.

Why bring Super Fans into the Bachelor Pad?
Our show just lends itself to involving the fans.  We have such an amazing group of fans and they are rabid fans.  I think our show more than any show on TV also lends itself to group viewing. So we thought what a great way to kind of expand the show and bring in some of these fans and see what that dynamic is like.

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Considering how close the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants are, did you anticipate the Super Fans having a hard time fitting in?
Absolutely. I mean, they are behind the eight ball walking into the door. That was definitely part of it that they had to overcome. But you’ll see it’s very interesting, especially for the cute girls how quickly they were able to integrate into this system. And “Bachelor Pad” the way it’s set up.  Not exactly the alumni versus the newbie’s. It’s kind of a boys versus girls. And so it’s really up to the girls to get to know the guys better, and that’s obviously a lot easier than trying to win over the women.

Are there major love connections, like last season’s Holly and dental-tastic Blake?
One thing about this season that was very different is that last year, it seemed like we walked in with a lot of couples already set, although Holly and Blake weren’t one of them. But this year it took a little longer for the game to start, and it took a little longer for some of the relationships to start. But when they did, it definitely took off. There is definitely some love connections…love triangles, love octagons, all kinds of shapes and sizes. It was bizarre. I mean literally I would leave for lunch and then come back, and I’d be like “OK, so how are they doing?” “Oh, no. They broke up a long time ago.” Well, all I did was to go get a sandwich.  And they would be two more couples in. There is a lot of moving around. Some of it was strategic. Some of it was just plain stupidity. Some of the guys thinking they can somehow get away with this.

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What made you bring back Mike Stagliano, the winner of last season, back onto the show? Didn’t you fear that he’d get the stink eye from everyone?
Well, Stags was such a fan favorite. And he was definitely on the losing end of the love triangle with Holly and Blake. We’ve never brought back a defending champ, so we thought it would just be a different dynamic. He is definitely savvy. He is smart at playing the game. But it’s interesting how the other people looked at him.  He was a bit of a celebrity when he walked into the house. And he was kind of treated as such and really played upon that.

Was there anyone you thought might have issues coming into the competition?
I think for some reason Ed comes mind, and I thought “train wreck.” Just because his life has been a bit of a train wreck and when he immediately came in, he’s like just in Ed style, “I don’t have a plan, I’ll see what happens.” I’m like, “Oh man, he’s going to be eaten alive.”

Can you give us any tidbits on Kalon and Lindsey’s budding romance?
Definitely Kalon and Lindsay will be a couple to watch in the show. Kalen in a way kind of reminds me of Erica Rose in that you saw him on “Men Tell-All,” you even saw him on the show where he thinks what he is saying is wise, and he thinks he is kind of helping his own cause, but he doesn’t realize he’s in the pot he’s stirring, and he’s only making things worse. Kind of like during the “Men Tell-All,” I gave him every opportunity kind of save himself, and he just kept keep digging that ditch. I think he really fancies himself as doing well on “Bachelor Pad” and kind of resurrecting his personality, but we’ll see, we’ll see if we have the same opinion that he does.

What compelled you to bring back Erica Rose?
She’s awesome.  You can’t help but not love Erica. I mean, she’s such a great character. And she is a lot more savvy than people give her credit for. If you judge that book by its cover, you are the one being played.

The “Bachelor Pad” (plus the Super Fans) premieres tonight on ABC at 8/7c.

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