‘Bachelorette ATFR’: Emily Maynard and Jef Holm ‘Fit Perfectly Together’

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm on After the Final Rose (ABC)

After an intense breakup with Arie Luyendyk and getting engaged to Jef Holm in Curacao (with “Karate Kid” music in tow), Emily Maynard discussed her new life with Chris Harrison on “Bachelorette: After the Final Rose” in front of a live studio audience Sunday night.

Donning the most natural-looking weave ever, Emily exclaimed her joy and love and how her new man makes her feel so confident. But before she got too happy, Chris H. invited a somber Arie onto the stage.

“I didn’t have closure,” the racecar driver said. Emily was apologetic. “I want you to know that ‘I’m sorry, I’m still sorry,’…in the end, I had more confidence with Jef and I and the way he makes me feel.”

Shockingly, we come to find out that Arie had been so blindsided and heartbroken by Emily’s rejection, he had flown to North Cackeylackey after the show to see her to either get closure or convince her that they were meant to be. In the end, though, he decided to leave his love journal at her doorstep. (He apparently had a brain fart and forgot that FedEx Overnight existed, but that’s okay…love will do that to ya.)

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However, out of respect for Arie and her new beau Jef, Emily decided not to read his journal, and although Arie had a small urge to bop her upside the head for it, he accepted the additional rejection and said he was happy for her and his buddy Jef.

After Arie made his “Saturday Night Fever” exit, Jef and his tight pants sauntered onto the stage. “[Emily’s] so perfect for me…we just fit perfectly together,” he said.

According to the lovebirds, they’ve spent time together in secret locations and Jef has even been able to spend time with Ricki. As for being a daddy, the entrepreneur said the new role has been better than expected.

So what’s in their future now that the two blonde love machines are out in public? They plan on going to Africa to dig wells as a humanitarian project through Jef’s water company, and then Jef plans on moving to North Cackeylackey, get a place near Emily and Ricki, and once they’re married, share their recessive genes together forevaaah!

Although they haven’t set a wedding date yet, Emily smirked saying she’s looking at a spring wedding in Charlotte….

ABC producers, take note. Considering Chris Harrison’s infinite usage of superlatives throughout every season of the franchise, it could be the TV wedding of the century!

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