‘Damages’ Actress Mili Avital to Guest Star on ‘666 Park Avenue’

Mili Avital (Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Dancing With the Stars” is not the only ABC series with a starry cast. The upcoming supernatural soap opera “666 Park Avenue” features a quartet of ABC alumni from some of the network’s most popular shows: Terry O’Quinn (“Lost“), Vanessa Williams (“Desperate Housewives“, “Ugly Betty“), David Annabelle (“Brothers and Sisters“) and Rachael Taylor (“Grey’s Anatomy“).

As the title suggests, the show is about an apartment building where evil things happen every week. O’Quinn and Williams play Gavin and Olivia Doran, the mysterious owners of the Drake, who have the power to grant their tenants wishes — but demand much of them in return.

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The format allows for numerous guest stars, as each episode can feature different tenants. As executive producer Matthew Miller explained to TV critics Friday in Los Angeles, “The idea is for every episode to give both parts of the title. So every week there will be a little bit of 666 and the supernatural, a little Faustian bargain, and then a little bit of Park Avenue. The show has soap. It has seduction. The way that we’re going to try and structure a majority of the shows is that it will have a slightly serialized element, but we’re also going to explore different resident deals. A lot of those deals last one episode, three episodes, four episodes. You want to feel any given week you could be learning about a new resident of that building.”

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Adds executive producer David Wilcox, “The idea is to somehow make the show feel like it isn’t “Fantasy Island” and have that kind of campy feel. So we’re going to bring in characters and spread them out over a few episodes.” 

Despite the fancy address, not every tenant will be rich. “It will be an eclectic group of people from different economic backgrounds. It’s obviously affluent, and it’s the upper East Side, but we’re going to see some people with rent control. We’re going to see studios.”

The first guest star is Mili Avatal, best known to American audiences for her roles on “Stargate” and “Damages,” who currently stars in “Prisoners of War” the original, Israeli version of Showtime’s “Homeland.”

“In the second episode, Mili plays a great role,” Wilcox revealed to xfinityTV. The details are a closely held secret, but Wilcox promises that the show will take full advantage of its New York filming location to bring in the numerous well-known actors who reside on the East Coast. “We have a lot of interesting actors coming in, but none of their deals have officially closed, so I am a little loath to say any actual names.”

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