As ‘Closer’ Nears End, Brenda Loses Someone Close to Her

Kyra Sedgwick (left) and Frances Sternhagen in "The Closer" (Photos: TNT)

Death struck close to home for homicide ace Brenda Leigh Johnson on “The Closer” Monday night on TNT.

But it wasn’t the deputy chief’s usual murder case. Instead, it was the death of her mother, which came as a complete surprise to Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) and those who were watching the show at home.

Sure, Brenda’s mother — played by Frances Sternhagen — was elderly, but she seemed outwardly healthy. It was Brenda’s father, played by Barry Corbin, who was ailing and near death until he began to mend. By the episode’s end, he was hale and hearty, but not Brenda’s mother.

As the episode came to a close, Brenda discovered her mother’s lifeless body in bed. She went to sleep the night before and never woke up. (The two elderly parents had been staying with Brenda and Fritz — Jon Tenney — in L.A. while Brenda’s dad was treated for cancer.)

The death of her mother came right after Brenda solved the week’s murder case — the killing of a priest by a man who confessed a terrible crime to this priest and then sought to prevent the priest from ever revealing what he did.

And now, only two weeks remain for “The Closer,” which has its finale Monday, Aug. 13, on TNT.

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