Kevin Nealon: Acting’s Great, But Stand-Up Comedy is Better

Kevin Nealon on Showtime this weekend (Photo: Showtime)

“Weeds” star Kevin Nealon likes starring in the long-running Showtime series, but stand-up comedy is his first love.

It’s the thing he really got into show business to do, the comedian says in a new interview conducted to promote his second Showtime standup special premiering this Saturday (Aug. 4) at 10:30/9:30c on the pay-cable channel. Titled “Kevin Nealon: Whelmed But Not Overly,” the performance was taped in Denver.

“I love it. It’s what I started doing,” Nealon, 58, said of stand-up comedy. “The acting came secondary. I grew up watching stand-ups and thought it was so entertaining and unique – you didn’t see that as a job description anywhere.”

One thing he avoided doing for many years — hour-long stand-up specials. He explained why in the interview, which is posted here. “When I began doing stand-up, it took me a long time to get an hour’s worth of material together,” he said.

“So about 20 years later I figured, I must have an hour by now. I did my first special two years ago, then I went on the road, which is how you really come up with new material. I find as I get older, I also gather more material as I think more about what’s ahead and behind. When you’re younger it’s just about what’s going on right now. A special validates you as a stand-up by documenting your material.”

As for “Weeds,” which is nearing the end of its run, Nealon Tweeted just yesterday (July 31) that he was filming his final scene. “Is that a lump in my throat or is that a pot bud?” he wrote.

“Kevin Nealon: Whelmed But Not Overly” premieres Saturday, Aug. 4, at 10:30/9:30c on Showtime.

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