Steven Tyler Criticizes ‘American Idol’: ‘I Loved It, I Hated It’

Steven Tyler on American Idol (FOX)

Now that he’s getting back with the band, Steven Tyler may be trying to get his street cred back too.

The ex-“American Idol” judge tells
Rolling Stone that the reality singing competition was “not [his] cup of tea.”

“I loved it and hated it,” the singer said. “It was a great job, I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money. It was a moment in life and it became larger than life.”

Yes, that reported $10 million per season salary certainly should soften the blow, even if it was just an unexpected pit stop in his rocking career.

“It was something to do while the storm blew by, to be honest,” Tyler said, of his on-again, off-again relationship with his Aerosmith band mates.

But crushing the spirit of wannabe young singers wasn’t Tyler’s idea of a good time (unlike that former judge dread Simon Cowell).

“The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent. They wanted me to take the piss out of the kids and I don’t have that in me,” Tyler said. “That’s not what I’m about. That’s more about that other guy. Not me.”

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We’ll see how Mariah Carey fares when she joins as a new “Idol” judge next season.

But Simon Cowell predicts she too will have trouble being mean: “I’m happy for her actually, I like Mariah,” Cowell told TV reporters last week when Fox made the Mariah announcement. “I think she will find it difficult to say no to people – she’s sweet.”

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