If ‘HIMYM’ Ends or Continues, Producers Have Plans in Place

Neil Patrick Harris in "How I Met Your Mother" (Photo: CBS)

The executive producers of “How I Met Your Mother” have a contingency plan if the upcoming season is to be their last.

They say they’re writing the episodes for the 2012-13 season as if it’s the last season for “HIMYM,” although there’s still a chance the show will continue in 2013-14, which would be its ninth season.

“We’re optimistic and hopeful that we’re going to know in time [whether the show will continue past season eight] so we can either launch the ending sequence of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or figure out a plan B, which we also know how to do,” said one of them, Craig Thomas, in this story on the Entertainment Weekly Web site.

“The truth is, I think we’d love to keep going,” Thomas said.

“We think there’s a great season nine, and we’re excited and hopeful to hear how all the negotiations go.”

Added director and producer Pamela Fryman in the EW story, “Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later [about season nine] but either way we’ll do it right.”

Thomas revealed little about what will actually happen in the upcoming season of “HIMYM,” which premieres on Monday, Sept. 24. He did hint at how the season will start, however.

“We go deeper into [Barney and Robin’s — Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders] wedding day than we’ve ever gone before,” Thomas said. “We’re going to show the fans a glimpse of something that we hope will blow their minds. I hope the fans will feel they have part of the answer about how the series ends and all new questions.”

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