‘Big Brother’ Coaches Twist Resets the Game

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It wouldn’t be a season of “Big Brother” without a twist or two and Thursday night’s episode delivered on that promise.

Host Julie Chen announced news “that may changed the course of the game.”

Putting the rumors to rest, she informed the houseguests that America has been voting all week on whether or not to give Coaches Dan, Boogie, Britney and Janelle the opportunity to join the game — and compete for the $500,000 grand prize along with the players.

And America’s decision was: Of course!

Watch the players’ reactions in the clip above.

Then the coaches were allowed to decide on whether or not they wanted to in fact opt into the game, and their decision was: Of course!

One the votes were all revealed, Chen explained that the move “resets game” and as a result, both Joe and Frank were saved from possible eviction.

The houseguests then played a game of “Walk the Plank” to determine who will win the Head of Household title this week, with the winner to be revealed on Sunday’s episode at 8/7c on CBS.

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