‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Ed Swiderski: ‘Maybe I’m Not the Coolest Guy in the World’

Ed Swiderski of "Bachelor Pad" (Photo: ABC)

Will the real Ed Swiderski please stand up?

We first saw the seemingly reserved Chicagoan on Jillian Harris’ season of the “Bachelorette,” but after their much-publicized split (he was reportedly noncommittal and had a wandering eye), he disappeared from the limelight only to surprise us by coming on the “Bachelor Pad” as an unapologetically drunken oddball contestant.

In a conference call with reporters last week, Ed sets the record straight on how he feels about his performance on the “Pad,” about Reid Rosenthal’s resentment towards him, and how he really views reality TV.

Considering you’ve been just partying the days away on “Bachelor Pad,” can you tell us if you actually had a strategy?
I think it’s kind of a blend. I never really took “The Bachelorette” seriously until I realized that I actually had a chance. And I’m treating this really the same way. I think that this week coming up you’re going to see that this is really kind of a turning point, and you’re going to see the different side of a lot of people.

Were you surprised about how resentful Reid was towards you?
I was definitely surprised that Reid still brought up this baggage and old business that I would call old business from years ago because we’ve remained friends…and I didn’t even know this was actually happening behind my back, and so while I definitely respect him for playing the game, I think that he had a hard time playing it, and he made some bad moves early on.

[He’s] a really great guy, and we’re probably going to remain friends for a long time, but he really made some bad moves.

Watch last week’s episode of “Bachelor Pad”:
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Did you come on the show hoping to find love, or was it just the money you were after?
I definitely wasn’t there for love; I absolutely was there to win. I treat it just like any competition, and you know, I had someone at home that I have always kind of had feelings for even though I was single on the show. So I wasn’t really there to look for anybody, but I made some great friendships and I’m happy for that.

Do you have some ‘splaining to do to your crush back home, considering you had some fun under the sheets last week with Sarah?
We weren’t together, and we made an agreement…that I was going to be single and if I’m going to go there to play the game, it certainly involves having whatever you want to call last week. It was fun and Sarah is actually a great friend, and I think she realizes that and I was very clear to her about having somebody at home. But when you’re in the environment I guess it’s just kind of like, you’re there to play the game and it’s all part of it.

We heard that aside from Blakeley and Jamie, Chris also bumped heads with you.
Yes, even Chris and I go head to head a little bit, and I would say we were the closest guys there.  Even between the girls, I think him and I were pretty close. He’s a very kind of alpha-male type personality, and I’m kind of a middle-of-the-road guy. But I was following his leadership, and I just disagreed with some of his moves, too. But at the end of the day, we had a great team and a great alliance.

Can you give us any details that maybe didn’t air between the Blakeley and Chris drama?
I mean, to be honest, it was an ongoing saga between Blakeley and Chris. Blakeley was upset and Chris … right now, he’s looking like a jerk—but he is a good guy, and he knows how to play the game, and he’s serious about winning the money. So, I have to definitely respect him for that.

Any love pairings that kinda surprised you?
Well I think you’re going to start to see some real “romances” start — Kalon and Lindzi was a total surprise. I think that they really hooked up, and I believe that they’re going to be together for a little while, who knows how long, but they had a solid relationship. But it kind of alienated them to be in a relationship.

And then, Rachel and Michael were forming a relationship, and everyone was kind of questioning that because it just seemed like they had kind of different personalities.

Did you learn anything after your experiences on the “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad”?
Well I think coming off the “Bachelorette,” I definitely got an ego out of it, and I’m not a very egotistical guy which is surprising.

I think that I really had to check my ego when I came into [“Bachelor Pad”] because I really thought I was bulletproof, you know? And then a couple of times I get knocked down, really hard mentally and physically…and so, I really had to check my ego. When I got home I was really exhausted, and I kind of just reflected on the whole thing. I’m just thinking like, ‘Wow, maybe I’m not the coolest guy in the world.’

Fans have been saying that Jillian dodged a bullet with you. Do you disagree?
Jillian knows me better than everybody, and she actually blogged about the comments about me and everything. I believe that she really liked me because I am a pretty grounded guy, and I don’t really take reality TV seriously. As dumb as it sounds, I just don’t.

And if you do, then I just think you’re weird. I don’t watch reality TV, and I don’t look down on it, but you kind of have to take it kind of tongue in cheek. And so Jillian knows that, and that’s why we connected, and so she blogged about it and she said those are the reasons why I loved Ed because he’s a fun guy and when it’s time to be serious, I’m serious.

But in this environment, like, come on. You know?

Catch Ed and his inebriated non-serious self on Monday nights on ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” at 8/7c.

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