Evicted ‘Big Brother’ Star Janelle Pierzina: Houseguests Are Hoarding Items for Ebay

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother (CBS)

Sexy Janelle Pierzina was considered one of the best players ever on “Big Brother” after finishing third place in both the show’s 6th and All-Star editions. But Thursday night, during her third appearance on the hit CBS reality show, Janelle got a swift and shocking eviction.

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The crafty blonde had joined “Big Brother” 14 as a coach this time, along with other former stars Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, and Mike “Boogie” Malin. However, the game was completely changed this week when three of the four coaches, including Janelle, voted to end their mentoring role and re-enter the game as players. Sadly, the move backfired on Janelle when Boogie convinced the other houseguests to form an alliance called the “Silent Six” to vote her off.

But Janelle’s certainly not silent. Here, in an exclusive interview with Xfinitytv.com, the resilient wife and mom reveals what went wrong, her opinion on Boogie’s manipulations, who she thinks will win and the other houseguests’ plans to cash in by selling “Big Brother” items on EBay!

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How does it feel being evicted?
It doesn’t feel that great. It’s definitely a feeling I’ve experienced before. I wasn’t surprised. I knew that I’d probably get voted out because I was basically back doored.

You’ve done really well on the show twice before. What happened this time?
I think people wanted to back door me because they knew that I could save myself. [If I had to do it over again] I probably would have sacrificed [my team members] Wil [Heuser] and Joe [Arvin] more and just said, okay, you guys can get rid of them.

At this point, Boogie seems in charge in the house — and he spearheaded your eviction. What do you think of him?
Mike Boogie is a super emotional player. I mean, he can say all he wants about me. I think that his chances of winning are pretty slim because of the smear campaign I did on him week one so I wish the best to him, but I doubt he’ll win. Everyone in the house hates him. There are definitely people in the house he could beat but his chances are a lot less than Dan or Britney, I think. [He went against me] because he still has old feelings from All-Stars. He definitely saw me as a huge threat.

What do you think of Danielle [Murphree], who nominated you for eviction?
I don’t think she’s a very strong-minded person because she obviously just did what people told her to do. She’s very weak, I guess, which is too bad. I think she’s a nice girl.

Frank [Eudy] looks like a strong player. What’s your opinion of him?
Frank is a nice guy but he’s just so loud and obnoxious he really got on my nerves and I didn’t like that his best friend in the house was Boogie so we didn’t get along that well because of that factor. [But] I think Frank has all the qualities to win–everything! His social game is good. I feel that he will be a great physical competitor. He’s got Boogie and all the newbies on his side.

Who other than Frank could win?
I think Dan could win and I hope he does!

It seemed like you and Britney were friends. She betrayed you. What happened?
She didn’t back me up and I’m really disappointed that she, out of all the people, would do that to me. It definitely hurts my feelings. I would never have done that to her.

Why did you decide to be on “Big Brother” a third time?
Just for the chance to play again and possibly win! I loved being a coach. I got a lot of information in the house; people would come to me with things.

Was it a mistake for you to vote to be a player again?
It was a risk I was definitely willing to take, that’s why I pressed the [re-set] button because I did want to play as a houseguest and not as a coach anymore. It wasn’t about the money; I just wanted the title. I wanted to win!

Who will you miss most of the other competitors and why?
Hmm. Probably Joe [Arvin]. He reminds me of a grown-up, older Howie [Gordon, from season 6]. To a certain extent, Britney—but [sighs] she’s been such a backstabber. I’ll definitely miss Dan because he gave me hints that I was leaving and I appreciated that. Britney just lied to me continuously. Dan never did—he gave me a head’s up.

Did you take home anything from the “Big Brother” house?
Not really. Frank saved a bean from the tortilla chip competition. They’re saving weird things [because] they think that everything is so EBay marketable. I think the whole EBay thing this year has gotten out of control. These people are fricking nuts. They’re saving beans and napkins from competitions! I have my memories in my head. I don’t need napkins.

The house looks so disorienting. Did you get any sleep?
This year I did not get much sleep at all. I definitely slept less than when I had a newborn baby!

What did you learn about yourself this time around?
Nothing really new. I’m still the same player I was in both my past seasons. I guess I’ve learned I still probably trust people too much and I’m super loyal even when I know I shouldn’t be.

What are you doing next?
I’m a stay-at-home wife and mom. I think I’m going to continue doing that; it’s my favorite job ever. My daughter will be eight months on August 14th. I’m always at home with my daughter. It consumes all my time. I love it!

Would you do Big Brother again in any capacity—or another reality show?
If it was just for a short while, yes.

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