‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Jaclyn Swartz: ‘People Are Going to Be Shocked’

Jaclyn Swartz of ABC's "Bachelor Pad" (Photo: ABC)

We’ve seen Jaclyn Swartz hate on Blakeley Shea before ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” began, cry uncontrollably for (and make out uncontrollably with) her default partner, Ed Swiderski, and vindictively vote off Reid Rosenthal. So what more should we expect from this Blonde Ambition?

In a conference call with reporters this past week, the 27-year-old ad account manager discussed how alliances will falter, partnerships will change, and that a certain someone will be hatin’ on her come this Monday’s episode (at 8/7c):

Which contestant were you most surprised at on “Bachelor Pad”?

The answer is definitely easy for me. I think that Blakeley definitely has surprised me thus far in the game. You guys all obviously saw my reaction to her being in the house, then my reaction to what I thought of her as a friend. I really just thought that we would completely butt heads and that I would want her out of the house immediately.

[But] as I got to learn more and more about Blakeley, as the game progressed, I saw a side of her that I never saw … Blakeley led me to believe that she is trustworthy. So our friendship definitely took a turn for the better.

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Were you upset that Ed hooked up with Sarah?

That was a really interesting situation because as far as I was concerned, Ed and I were just partners in the game, and I was drawn to Ed because I thought he was fun and cute.

It’s tough to see your partner hook up with somebody else because, at this point in the game, we don’t know if that’s going to be your partner in the end. But Ed and I had a talk about it after they hooked up, and I was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to be happening again.

And I was a little bummed that Sarah made those comments about me after Ed and I hooked up.  I mean, that was pretty unfortunate, considering I never once badmouthed her after she hooked up with Ed.

What was up with Ed and those crazy noises he’d make when he hooked up with you and Sarah?

Ed noises are pretty epic.  And I think that it definitely caught a lot of people’s attention. I don’t recall hearing those that night, but as you could see, neither of us maybe would have remembered that.

But honestly, when I saw that, I could not stop laughing; I was purely entertained probably as much as you guys were.

I didn’t really think that us hooking up would ruin anything. We worked really well as partners.  So far it’s just like us having some casual fun, if you will.

Considering most everyone has to be conniving in this game, why were you so upset with Reid and how he was playing Ed?

I was really upset by Reid and his actions and his decisions and the way that he was playing the game. I’ve been called a hypocrite this week because everyone is like, “Oh, well, isn’t that the same thing that you did to Blakeley?” And, no, it wasn’t in my opinion because I’m not trying to vote Blakeley out. I actually was working with Blakeley.

It’s one of those things where Reid and Ed came into it, and they were great friends … the whole way that he went about it, it was very sneaky.

How do you feel about the Chris, Blakeley and Jamie love triangle? Were you turned off by Chris’ behavior on the show?

Chris and his love triangle is something that I definitely steered clear of. I had no idea that he was giving Jamie that much of an impression that he liked her. And I had no idea that him and Blakeley had kissed. And to be honest you’re going to see another girl enter into this love triangle, and it’s going to become a love square.

I kind of respect him. He’s juggling these girls, and they’re still coming back for more. But you’ll see partnerships and couplings and all that are going to change. It’s not going to stay the same … people are going to be shocked and that all starts on Monday’s episode.

We hear that tension will rise between you and Jamie.

She’s not my favorite person. And as we saw on the teasers, she’s talking about how I’m fake and because she’s being damn honest, I think she said. It’s just so funny to me that she’s saying those things within an interview room as opposed to my face because I was nice to her the entire time I was there. You’ll see during this challenge in these controversial questionnaires that Jamie just goes off on me.

This week is definitely a pretty climactic week where things changed; people’s feelings are exposed and partnerships will change.

Did you come on “Bachelor Pad” to find love, money, or both?

I went into this game wanting to win money. And never in a million years I would think that it’s a game for love.

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