Watch: Olympian Ryan Lochte Says He’d Do Well on ‘Dancing’

Olympian Ryan Lochte on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night (Photo: NBC)

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is open to the idea of participating in both of ABC’s highest-profile reality shows.

Not that he’s some kind of reality-show hog, but on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” on NBC, Jay Leno asked Lochte — the winner of five gold medals in the London Games — if he would be interested in appearing on “The Bachelor” or “Dancing With the Stars.”

Lochte, who is single, said he’d consider either of them but he leaned more toward on “Dancing.”

About “The Bachelor,” Lochte said, “I’d consider it, but I would talk with my family first,” presumably to get their opinions on the value of participating in that particular show.

On the subject of “DWTS,” Lochte was much more straight-forward, probably because, as an Olympic-level athlete, the competition appeals to him. Said he, ” ‘Dancing With the Stars’? In college [the University of Florida], I took a dancing class. I got an ‘A,’ so you know what I think? I’d be pretty good at it!”

Watch Ryan Lochte on “The Tonight Show”:
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Certainly, this segment would not have felt complete if Leno had not addressed Lochte’s admission during the Olympics that he habitually urinates in pools. Lochte, 28, admitted this in an interview with NBC’s Ryan Seacrest, and it became one of the most talked-about topics coming out of the London Olympics.

Lochte was unapologetic on “The Tonight Show” about this particular proclivity, explaining that his training regimen leaves no time for bathroom breaks. “We’re in the pool for six hours,” he said. “We’re not going to raise our hand in the middle of a workout and be like, ‘Hey, coach, can I got to the bathroom?’ “

Our take: If we’d been in Jay’s shoes, we might have followed up on that statement by asking, “Why not? Is going to the bathroom — a normal bathroom, that is — not allowed for swimmers of your caliber? Would going to the bathroom really intrude that much on your training program?” But hey, that’s just us … !

Lochte’s getting a lot of mileage out of this “peeing in the pool” thing. He even stopped by the set of E!’s “Fashion Police” and did a bit with Joan Rivers in which they got together in some kind of public fountain. Sure, we could explain this further, but we prefer to just direct you here, to the E! Web site for a complete explanation on that. “Fashion Police” airs Friday nights at 10/9c on E!.

By the way, Jay’s other guest Thursday night was Kristen Bell, who was so vivacious and talkative that she nearly stole the show during Lochte’s segment.

While watching her, we had this thought: Somebody ought to give this girl a talk show of her own. She’d be great at it.

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