‘Bachelor Pad’s’ Chris Bukowski: ‘I Don’t Regret’ My Lies

Chris Bukowski on Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Fresh from his heartbreak from Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” Chris Bukowski slipped into the “Bachelor Pad” and seemed to recover fairly quickly in the lady department when he created a “love square” with Blakeley Shea, Jamie Otis, and Sarah Newlon. But it seems thus far his strategic and aggressive moves are putting him in the wrong corner.

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The 25-year-old sales director from Chicago recently chatted with reporters to explain how he feels about sowing his wild oats for the love of money, why he was acting so ruthlessly, and if he forgives Kalon McMahon and Ed Swiderski for turning their back on him.

Your character seemed to change from a sensitive guy looking for love on Emily’s season on “The Bachelorette” to a conniving, part-time lover on the “Bachelor Pad.” Can you explain?
Going into Emily’s season I was there for love. And I was very close to find that and I did but it didn’t work out. And it wasn’t easy for me. Going into “Bachelor Pad,” there’s only one thing in my mind and that was winning the money.  And to do that, you got to lie a little bit and you got to play the game. But obviously on the show you see a different side of me that’s “just kind of wants the money.” And I guess you could say a little of the way I acted [on “Bachelor Pad”] was because I was hurt [from “The Bachelorette.”]

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After Jamie called you out about being a player to the ladies right before she left the game, you reacted angrily towards her.  Do you regret the way you acted?
No, I don’t regret anything. I don’t want to see anybody get hurt. But if you’re going on to a game show, you should expect that your feelings may get hurt. People are going to go lie to you to win. To be honest, I was expecting a big hug from Jamie. I did not think that she was going to call me out like that, and I was shocked when she did because I actually was campaigning for her to stay.  And I was trying to make a critical move in the game. For her to say that, I can understand why she was hurt, but I really didn’t expect that from her. So it is what it is.

Considering you seem like a guy who’s very close to his family, as we had seen on “The Bachelorette” how is your family reacting to the “Gigolo Chris” on the “Bachelor Pad”?
Obviously, it’s not easy for them to see, but I warned them. And they all know that I’m very competitive. And obviously, they don’t like to see me hurt anybody’s feelings because that’s not the way I was raised. But at the end of the day, I was playing in a game. Looks like we’ll be seeing you lash out on Kalon and Ed for lying to you about how they voted on Monday’s upcoming episode. Since you’ve repeatedly talked about the need to lie in this game, can you forgive them for having done so to you?
One million percent. Everyone has the same right to play the game as I do. But of course, [at the time] I’m angry because Kalon and Ed are friends of mine. And in real life, you don’t expect to be lied to by your real friends. But I come to the realization that these guys are trying to win the money just as much as I am.

It’s clear how you felt about Blakeley and Jamie, but when it comes to Sarah, were there any genuine feelings involved?
With Sarah, it was it was kind of everything. I thought for what I know of Sarah from being on the show, I thought that we would have a great time on the date. Strategically wise she was very, very neutral in the house. She was kind of on both alliances. So, I felt like strategically and for the sake of my sanity, she was the best person to pick on the date.

Is there anyone you plan on keeping in touch with?
I became really good friends with Ed. We just kind of hit it off. You know, he’s a Chicago guy, we’re both Polish, and we get along pretty well. I can definitely see Ed and even like Jaclyn and some of these people that you don’t see us communicating too much with on the show [keeping in touch], but I’ve definitely made some good friends.

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